Review of The Sleepy Delivery Prequel

Review of Velvets FantasiesThe Sleepy Delivery Prequel – 41 mins

Jacquelyn Velvets needs a job. The economy is at a turbulent point, and her skillset is decidedly…niche. Luckily, one of her friends was able to put in a good word with a client, and Jacquelyn has scored an interview with a new potential employer. It all sounds too good to be true, but if everything goes her way the darling Mrs. Velvets will find herself in a new position before the evening is over! As she arrives, everything seems more or less in order. The new boss asks a handful of questions, and has her fill out some necessary forms. The process isn’t nearly as grueling as she was expecting; at least he didn’t ask her where she saw herself in 5 years! When her interviewer steps away for a few moments, though, Jacquelyn spots a few red flags that she has missed in her initial excitement. This job will be anything but traditional, to say the least. Her potential employer returns to find her preparing to flee. He immediately assures her that she’s misunderstood. All of these items, the ropes and gags and drugs, are all a part of the job. He doesn’t intend to do anything to her she doesn’t agree to…and she will be very well compensated for an outstanding performance. Reluctantly at first, but then with a growing sense of excitement, Jacquelyn accepts her new boss’s offer and begins her on-the-job training. With her work ethic, Mrs. Velvets is sure to become a fantastic asset for her employer’s firm.

I love getting these really long videos from Jacquelyn Velvets, because 99% of the time, especially when it’s starring her, it’s a nice and slow video that is focused on limp play, KOs, and Jackie’s outstanding eye rolling. That is exactly what we get here. For the majority of this video Jackie is out could, those beautiful eyes rolled all the way back in her head and SK just gets to do whatever he wants with her limp body and it is fantastic to watch. The KOs here are done in the same manner, they are all really slow, as SK teases Jackie with the inevitable KO, and/or Jackie does her best to fight the urge to take a nap. Either way the result is the same, Jacquelyn does a whole lot of eye rolling and weak resistance before finally taking a long nap, all while keeping those eyes rolling. Which by the way is the thing that really makes this video so incredible. I love her eye rolling normally, but I love it so much more that she keeps her eye open and rolled back while she’s knocked out. That the face that she spends a whole lot of time knocked out, this video may have the most eye rolling per minute than any other video out there. Add that to the sexy scenario Jackie gets herself in and the sexy outfits she’s wearing, you end up with another outstanding video that will have excellent replay value for years to come.

Overall Score: 9.9/10`