Review of The Sleep Of Her Dreams

Review of Velvets FantasiesThe Sleep Of Her Dreams – 23 mins

We fade in on the lovely Kayla Obey, coming home after a long hard day at work.  She’s in desperate need of a nap and finds a stash of her roomie Jacquelyn’s chloroform, and a fresh rag.  She doses it and applies it to her mouth and nose, taking deep breaths until she slides into unconsciousness.  SK comes home to see his wife and discovers the sleeping roommate on the couch.  Confused, SK manages to wake her up, but the sleepy Kayla begs to be put back under.  A smile creeps across Sleeperkid’s face as he jumps to the conclusion that Miss Velvets left Kayla there as a sleepy gift/toy.  He acts accordingly, having fun with the sleeping Kayla after putting her back out with a nerve pinch.  He carries her, strips her down to sexy lingerie, and continues to appease her requests to put her back out whenever she groggily comes to.  He finds the chloroform after a lengthy sleepy play session and delivers the perfect dose, finally putting Kayla down and out for the night to come.  All that’s left is a final cradle carry to the bedroom as the scene fades to black!

This was another thing I was really looked forward to, knowing Kayla Obey was in ATL, just a perfect, nothing too fancy Velvets Fantasies video and this is that exactly. Kayla dresses in something kind of sexy, with as skirt and heels, for a little while, then stripped down to just her lingerie while getting repeatedly KO’d and played with. I couldn’t have asked for a more right down the middle of the road Velvets video to start Kayla off at Velvets. And Kayla, unsurprisingly, was perfect. I mean, this is what she does, sort of, so of course she’s excellent at it. And nothing OTT about this one either just nice, quick, easy KOs, with the added bonus of her not only willing to be KO’d, but begging to be KO’d. The KOs used are great too, with mostly sleepy stuff being used, but a sleeper hold, a bear hug and torture rack are used as well. There’s lots and lots of limp play as Kayla is out cold more often than not, with lots of sexy positions too. Sometimes I just want a sleepy vid like this with no really story, nothing too crazy going on, just all the sleepy/limp play action you can jam into a 23-minute window and of course me being super excited about Kayla’s first video makes this even better.

Overall Score: 9.9/10