Review of The Mistress

Review of Kayla ObeyThe Mistress – 17 mins

Kayla goes to meet her lover who is married, but his wife is in the house. She asks the wife what she is doing in her house and tells her she better get lost before she pisses her off. She’s cocky and arrogant, even flexing her bicep. Visibly annoyed now, Kayla gives the wife one last chance to get out before she kicks her ass and brings her hands up, ready to fight. She throws the first punch but the wife hits back. “Bitch.” Kayla spits out before throwing another punch which the wife counters, knocking Kayla clean off her feet. “That was a lucky punch.” Kayla gets up and throws another punch only to get hit again and knocked back. The cycle repeats with Kayla growing more and more woozy but continuing to trash talk. After the 7th hit she realizes she has been stripped of her dress and is now only in her lingerie and boots. “You see why he wants me? I have a much better body and I dress sexy for him.” She’s hit again with a hard punch and falls back. After the final blow, she struggles to get to her feet. Kayla admits defeat. “You win. I’ll stay away from your husband.” She tries to get up but falls back spread eagle with her tongue hanging out.  

I started to feel lucky that Kayla Obey is still producing videos for us and I feel even more lucky when she does a KO based video. So, you can only imagine how great I felt when she released this video, a POV fist fight where she gets KO’d over and over again. The only thing missing from this video that would have made it totally perfect for me, is if there were some over the top reactions. Unfortunately there isn’t, but I do get a sexy outfit, which it’s just nice to have something out of the normal bikini type stuff. I am just as guilty as anyone else who always asks for that. I love that she loses the dress near the end revealing some even sexier lingerie. I do get some nice exhaustion as the KOs pile up, Kayla gets weak and dazed, which she’s so great at selling. That also comes with some great struggling, as it gets harder and harder for Kayla to get up and stay in the fight. I love that she also talks crap the whole way through, right up until the very end where she finally admits defeat. I am still a huge fan of Kayla’s and I love it some much when she does a video that is so right down my alley like this one! 

Overall Score: 9.5/10