Review of The Last Dance

Review of Next Global Crisis The Last Dance (Season 4 – Non-Canon 25) – 11 mins

A confident looking Bluebird enters the space and limbers up for battle. Her opponent, for perhaps one last time, is Alaric. The villain can boast a strong win/loss record against the Blue Beauty and expects this encounter to be no different. Knowing this may be her last opportunity to settle a score, Bluebird attacks ferociously, using her speed to evade and land heavy spinning kicks. Alaric is initially surprised, but when a Bluebird head-butt goes wrong the male villain pounces. Bluebird is choked, squeezed, and broken over his knee. Will it be another dominant victory for Alaric? Or can Bluebird use her second wind to snatch the glory?

Another Bluebird beatdown! Every single one of these beatdowns totally make my day. I love these so much it really does worry me for them to even hit at this being the last of anything. Even if it’s her last battle with Alaric, that would be disappointing to me, as he has put Bluebird down and out more times than anyone else. Their battles have always been epic and I don’t remember Bluebird ever coming out on top versus Alaric and this time is no different. Again our superheroine puts her best foot forward and comes out looking like she can win, but Alaric knows her too well and soon enough she’ll make a mistake. As per usual, Bluebird puts on a stunning performance and is the perfect victim for the mighty Alaric. I truly hope this is not the end of this storied rivalry, but even if it is, at least we got to see Bluebird fail again at taking Alaric down.

Overall Score: 9/10