Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE GHOST AND ANNE-MARIE – 24 mins

It’s a Halloween tradition. A Ouija Board to channel the “spirits” who linger around and wallow in the pity of purgatory, unable to rest. Is the mechanism of contact the Ouija board or the person controlling it? It’s all harmless fun, right? There’s no such thing as ghosts! Well the beautiful Anne Marie sits in her house, where she has been told the former owner, a wrestler, was murdered. She wants nothing more than to have a “proper” Halloween experience. She is in fact giddy with excitement at the idea. But… unfortunately for her… this particular spirit seems more than willing to oblige her during this season of the supernatural. Anne Marie takes a deep breath and begins her journey into the otherworldly by asking if there are any spirits in the room. Her hands glide almost involuntarily, meandering across the Ouija board, like a snake swimming atop a calm body of water. Then quickly they snap across the board to the word “yes”. She got her answer. That’s enough. But Anne Marie presses her luck. She is intent to get more information, so she asks if the ghost used to be a wrestler. And again, her hands make the slow, snaking journey to “yes” on the board. Ok, there’s nothing wrong with this situation yet, but Anne Marie has one last question… “do you mean me any harm evil spirit?” Her hands start towards “no” but immediately snap over to “yes”. In a flash Anne Marie is knocked out with a single punch to the face that quite literally came out of nowhere, sending the wrestler quickly out. The spirit proceeds to play with her arms and legs just a little bit before dragging her unconscious body away. What horror awaits? Anne Marie is dropped onto wrestling mats in a leotard, as the ghost prepares her for a match. She collects herself, stands up and looks around the room confused. Just as she begins to understand what is going on she feels something coil around her neck and squeeze. Her eyes open wide, her tongue juts out and she claws at the force choking her throat, as the look of terror consumes her face. She grows closer and closer to blackness as she is unable to stop it and eventually passes out. The ghost plays with her limp arms to make sure she is out before Anne Marie tumbles to the ground unconscious, twitching and helpless. Anne Marie regains her consciousness and is immediately grabbed by her hair. The spirit quickly throws her against the wall and proceeds to send punch after punch into her unfortunate belly. The belly punishment wears her down as all the air is pushed out of the dominated wrestler’s body, allowing opportunity for a powerful low blow that sends Anne Marie to dreamland. She slumps over and falls limp to the ground as the ghost seems to enjoy playing with her body… there is quite a bit of opportunity to do so. The torture continues for Anne Marie as she immediately regrets her interest in trying to have a Halloween experience. She endures ankle locks, boston crabs, STF chokes, face plants, and other knockout techniques that leave our beaten heroine drooling, limp and twitching. Constant Belly stomps, a steady stream of DTT’s, a temple squeeze, a barrage of pedigrees, and a stunner leave Anne Marie out cold. Anne Marie wakes up, and for the first time in a while is not accosted immediately by her apparition assailant. She collects herself and stumbles towards the door, as she sees an opportunity to get out of this hellhole. But… with the exit only a few feet away, she is stopped by a hand that wraps tightly around her throat. The beaten wrestler sees the writing on the wall as she is thrown back in a final chokeslam that yet again knocks her out. Does Anne Marie have a chance to escape? Or will she become a fixture in this spirit’s aspirations to return to the ring they are no longer able to compete in? I think we will have our answer as Anne Marie groggily wakes up and sees a chair floating in front of her… maybe he just wants to sit down?

This is another one of SKW’s excellent Halloween releases, in this one the excellent Anne-Marie takes a brutal beatdown from an invisible foe after summoning a spirit from a Ouija board. (Side note, the only thing magical about Ouija boards is the fact that someone can see that word and pronounce it wee-gee.) Anyway, Anne-Marie does Anne-Marie like things and sells the hell out of this invisible opponent matchup. We get lots of KOs, with a nice array of moves. It’s always fun for me to see just how good some people can throw themselves around, selling great moves and KOs, without anyone to help. Although SK does lend a hand at the end with some awesome chair attacks. Anne does a really good job, as you would expect, kicking her own ass. There are plenty of OTT reactions, which is always a huge plus for me and it’s another thing that Anne is super amazing at. I also loved the outfits picked for this video and the transition they came up with to change Anne from the one piece to a bikini. It happens in a blink, was some nice editing magic and was really creative. In the end, Anne is left KO’d with Halloween decorations all over her. This KO couldn’t have any twitching because she had a pumpkin balancing on her butt and it definitely would have fallen if she was to do any twitching. It was good for a laugh though. Overall, this is another great jobber performance from Anne-Marie and another very cool Halloween based video that is easy to love any time of year.

Overall Score: 9.9/10