Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE CLONE ASSASSIN – 20 min

We open on Monroe, decked out in a tight silver bikini set, checking her cel phone, making sure her payment for a caper assignment has gone through.  Outside, Karly stalks around the house, informing us that she’s on assignment as a Secret Agent/Assassin, going up for her big assignment, taking out Monroe, and her clone security and retrieving the agent list Monroe had stolen. Wearing a black catsuit, she stealthily makes her way through the yard. There she encounters her first clone, sneaking up behind her and wrapping her into a tight sleeper hold that makes its eyes roll, before snapping its neck, catching it as it falls and carrying it away over her shoulder. Her next target is sitting in a deck chair, as Karly slips up silently behind, stabbing it in the neck, making it twitch and shudder as its eyes roll back into its head, finally slumping over with slackened mouth, neutralized. Karly makes quick work of the remaining clones, surprising them with clubs to the head, chopstick temple attacks, neck snapping, injections to the butt, and taser attacks to the skull before finally entering the house. Quietly she picks sneaks up behind Monroe and yanks her into a deadly sleeper hold, demanding to know where the list is. A series of sharp elbows to the belly gets Monroe released as the two girls suddenly go at it, throwing punches, getting yanked into arm bars, escaping with back-kicks to the groin, until Monroe grabs Karly’s foot from a spinning kick, tripping her to the floor, then rushing in to slam her head against hardwood over and over, stunning the secret agent.  Yanked back into a sleeper hold, Karly struggles and gasps before raking Monroe’s face to get released, then kicking her belly over and over as Monroe can only curl and gasp into the blows. Punches to the face keep her rocked on her feet, then knee lifts explode the air from her lungs before a head slam into the nearby table knocks her loopy, slouching into a nearby chair. Karly wastes no time sliding up behind her, pulling her into a sleeper hold that makes the red-faced blonde sputter before her eyes roll back, knocked out. Vowing to have fun, Karly carries her off over her shoulder. We find Monroe tied up in a doorway as Karly mocks her, claiming she’ll be having fun with her all day. She then sets to punishing her with an injection that magnifies sensation, then assaulting her with belly punches, clubbing her in the belly and face, tasering her over and over, stabbing her in the belly, while Monroe can only dangle helplessly absorbing the brutality. Karly interrogates her until Monroe can take no more and gives up the location of the agent file.  Karly then sends her off to dreamland with a crushing sleeper hold that makes her gasp and drool, until at last her crossed and rolling eyes flutter shut. A final neck snap ends her suffering.

I’m going to skip the obvious SKW video to review, which is Thunder Rosa vs Tiny, because I think you guys should kind of know what to expect from that one and don’t really need me to tell you, but is as good as you would imagine, so don’t be afraid to check it out. Instead I am going to review the other two videos that were released alongside the Thunder vid. Now, I have been raving about Monroe pretty much since the day she started at SKW. She has been proving that she has the look and the skills to be one of the best jobbers in the business and I guess at this point she is one of the best jobbers at SKW. This time when Monroe and several of her evil clones are hunted by assassin Karly Salinas she again gets to prove what a unique talent she is. This video stars out as a “sentry girls” vid as Karly takes out the clones surrounding the building, which is great, the red thong one-piece suit and boots are a great outfit choice mixed with some great KOs, beautiful camera angles and excellent reactions makes this a great section of the video. Once Karly has cleared the area she makes her way inside to deal with the real Monroe. Monroe puts up a bit of a fight, but is ultimately defeated. Monroe is tied up and tortured for a while before she eventually meeting her demise, just like her clones. Personally, I like my jobbers to end up on the floor in one of the many possible sexy KO positions, so it’s a slight disappointment that Monroe does not end up on the ground at the end, but the torture sequence is a load of eye candy as we do get several KOs, again with wonderful reactions and great camera angles. So what started out as a sentry video turns into more as a “bat trap” style video in the end. Both parts are very good, although I do prefer the outside portion a bit more, due to the boots, and Monroe at least being left behind either out cold in seat or laying over a table. Overall, Monroe continues to impress me with her jobber skills and I can’t wait to see what terrible situation she ends up in next.

Overall Score: 9.5/10