Review of THE BREAK IN

Review of Sensually SavageTHE BREAK IN – 25.5 mins

We fade in to find the amazing Sinn Sage dressed hot pink pro wrestling gear. She’s in the middle of doing some stretching when she gets a phone call. The caller is her tag partner, they chat quickly about their upcoming match, planning to meet before the match. Soon after Sinn gets off the phone she hears a noise that sounds like someone trying to break in. She hides and waits for the would be burglar to enter and believes the house is empty before she ambushes him. The burglar is caught off guard, thus giving Sinn the upper hand. With some belly punches, as reverse head scissors and a face sit, she is able to subdue the thief. Thinking she’s got this sucker right where she wants him, Sinn feels like she could have some extra fun beating up this punk. Unfortunately for Sinn, she will not be having any fun, as before she can even start, she’s countered with a low blow that drops her to her knees. This is only the start of a brutal one sided cuntbusting beatdown that Sinn will never forget. The thief turns into a full time heel for the pro wrestler, dominating her with a smorgasbord of low blows that leave Sinn dazed and twitching, with a few wrestling techniques for KOs, as well. Finally, after Sinn is completely defeated, her foe turns back into burglar mode, calling his cronies to come collect her stuff, adding that there is an extra bit of cargo that he will carry home himself. With that he tosses the beaten Sinn over his shoulder and carries her away.

It might have taken me longer than expected, but there was just no way I could skip doing a review on this video. First of all, it stars Sinn Sage and for those that don’t know, she is pretty much my first and longest running favorite performer in the business. Then, Sinn is all pretty in pink, with a sexy all pink pro style outfit, with converse boots and knee pads. The kind of outfit I would request in my own custom. This does have a little bit of a down side, where Sinn gets a few moves and even a KO on SK. That part I literally just skip over. I get it makes sense for the story of the video, but man does it ruin an otherwise excellent video. Anyway, once SK takes control with a brutal “uppercunt”, we get a totally one sided beatdown that really focuses on cuntbusting. SK uses just about every conceivable way to low blow Sinn into oblivion. Sinn sells the crap out of it with outstanding reactions and even some twitching. The beatdown gets bad enough where SK has a hard time waking Sinn up near the end. And at the very end, Sinn is completely out on her feet. SK is able to have a short phone call while she stands there dazed out of her mind. It really is a beatdown of epic proportions, where the legend Sinn Sage puts on another instant classic performance. This one is not to be missed.

Overall Score: 9.5/10