Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE BOXING JOBBER – 37 mins

We open up to a captivating montage of Luna shadowboxing and practicing her strikes in the mat room. Sleeperkid comes in to greet her and Luna expounds on her willingness to return to combat sports as well as redeem herself to her previous partner she happened to fall out with, Sparrow. Luna, enthusiastic about sharpening her skills, enquires SK for an opponent, but the result leads her to a very intimidating challenger. Tiny, excited to see another one of his future trophies, approaches the anxious Luna for a hello hug, but the wolf in sheep’s fur wastes no time using said hug to kick off her “fair fight”. Luna is ragdolled around a bit before turning to a twitchy mess on the canvas. She quickly comes to as Tiny hunches before her, stalking his prey. A strong sleeperhold to the petite boxer’s throat leaves her lifeless in no time as Tiny follows-up with a single leg hook five-count pin. Luna’s lifted by her hair to a seated position and Tiny wraps his massive mits around her head applying a grueling skullcrusher that triggers her to make helpless spasms. A flood of drool flows from Luna’s mouth as she fades to black. Tiny aims for the neck with a double-gripped throat lift that surges her from her back to high in the air. She gradually goes limp as her tongue dangles but the pressure is amped as Tiny presses her against the wall before she slumps to the floor in a fidgeting heap. Tiny’s quick to inflict more pain as another throat lift quickly wakes her up. However, this one concludes in a quaking chokeslam that leaves her faint and flickering, primed for a leg hook five-count pin. A snapping kick to her back jolts her awake and Tiny pounces with a stomach shot that sets her up for a mile high piledriver. Tiny drops her into the mats skull first and prolongs the hold as Luna lethargically spasms within his grip before being released. Luna is then rolled across the canvas, prepped for Tiny’s devastating splashes that send her eyes rolling back as she’s on the edge of consciousness. A couple checks of her semi-conscious state lead to Tiny performing one more earth-shaking splash before Luna is rolled into a matchbook for the five-count pin. A massive boot to Luna’s abdomen agonizingly jars her to alertness but the damage done ensures she remains defenseless. Luna is set against the wall and Tiny carries out some powerful stomach strikes leaving her breathless as her lips flutter and tongue dangles. She’s then irish whipped to the opposite wall where she splats and is met with a massive wall splash that sends her melting to the mats in a twitchy derri “air” KO pose. Tiny then impressively takes Luna’s compact shape and converts her previous pose into a small package piledriver that leaves her convulsing as she dangles. She’s then folded in half for a double leg hooked five-count pin. The aftershock kicks in as Luna rolls to her side from a twitching fit causing her to drool profusely. A bag of tools is procured by Tiny and his first weapon of choice is a bottle of chloroform. Tiny creatively weaponizes Luna’s boxes gloves against her as he uses them to make her smother herself with a hint of chloroform. He forces her to inflict some self-face punches and fits her gloves for himself as he delivers some pugilist punches of his own. A massive uppercut sends her flopping to the mats in a burst of convulsions with her tongue protruding. A stomp to Luna’s hand turns into a tombstone piledriver that leaves her in tremors as Tiny digs through the bag for more instruments of destruction. Tiny continues to dish out the pain as he uses a chain to steal the oxygen from Luna’s lungs, which softens her up even further for the annihilating maneuvers that he has in store with the electron baton he retrieves. She’s filled full of volts in various innovative ways that cause her to shake and stir in addition to Tiny’s brutal slams. To top off Luna’s “welcome back” match she’s finished with the infamous Tiny special before Tiny leaves the scene with another conquered jobber over his shoulder.

This is another one of my customs that SKW has done for me. Even though this one and the Anne Marie boxing videos were released next to each other, they were not done at the same time. This one is the newer of the two. This is another example of me just trying to fit as many different kinks into one video as I can and just hoping it makes sense. So since Sparrow isn’t available, Luna had to go it alone and I gave the story line that Sparrow was upset with her for getting her into so much trouble with Tiny. SK and Luna were the ones to make it funny. Then, I had Luna ready for a boxing match only to find out that she’s not going to have a boxing match, but instead another match with Tiny. I just really love the boxing look, even when it’s not for boxing action. You don’t see that very often and I think that helps make the match unique. And that’s about all I did for the custom, the rest really came from the minds of SK and crew. Tiny comes in and does his thing and Luna does her OTT selling thing. I did ask them to mix in a lot of leg hook pins, as that is another thing I love to see, especially twitchy pins, which I got a bunch of in this video. And as per usual the results were outstanding. This is another top of the line OTT performance for Luna, with all the Tiny squash fixing, even some weapons mixed in for good measure. It really sucks that I’m losing Luna to retirement as well as Sparrow all in one year, but I felt like I have been able to make the most of the time I had with both of them and at least I will always have these amazing customs that I will keep forever!

Overall Score: 11/10