Review of The Betrayal of Etzold

Review of Velvets FantasiesThe Betrayal of Etzold – 16 mins

We fade in on Agent Monroe, trapped and bound…delivering a distressed message to her mentor (played by Jacquelyn Velvets) … and begging to be rescued.  Cut to the stunning Agent Velvets making her way to her location.  She finds Monroe inside a villain’s lair and watches in horror as the young cadet suddenly disappears, revealing herself to be nothing but a hologram!   Before she can make sense out of the situation, Velvets is suddenly attacked by her nemesis (Kristy Etzold), who reveals herself to be the architect of the Monroe illusion! She puts Velvets out with a tight sleeper and plays with her limp body, waiting for her to come to so she can put her right out again with a large dose of sleeping gas!   The hits just keep on coming for the sexy agent as her rival repeatedly knocks her out, feels her up, and finisher her off with a brutal taser attack…and an over the shoulder carry to her brand new holding cell!!!

I have always wanted to see Jackie take on Kristie Etzold in one of those SKW Giant’s Wrath videos, but since that hasn’t happened yet, this was a nice, much lighter alterative. I still get that wise cracking trash talk from Kristie and Kristie plays a few tricks on Jacquelyn while she dominates. The KOs a much less aggressive then they would be for SKW, but we still get that legendry eye rolling/great overall selling from Jackie and we also get lots more limp play between KOs. I really like this set up too, with the fake Monroe, it’s another dirty trick that isn’t surprising coming from Kristie. The taser finish gives me a little twitching with even more eye rolling. And Jackie’s outfit, especially her tight pants look fantastic in several different shots. I do still hope that one day with will see Jackie in a Giant’s wrath video, but for now this was a nice little tease for what that could be like.

Overall Score: 9/10