Review of The Audition – Sinn Sage

Review of Sinn Sage DreamsThe Audition – Sinn Sage – 20 mins

I’m auditioning for a character that has multiple clones and I am to act out different perilous scenarios. Shaking my nerves out, I get into character of being shot in the heart, gasping and going to my knees while chest grabbing before going still. My hazel eyes stare vacantly ahead and the director gives instruction to give a couple of body twitches. In the next scenario of throat slashing, I clutch my neck while making gagging sounds. Eyes crossing and stumbling, I crumple down with my tongue hanging out of my mouth. Bouncing up and eager to please, I go into graphic detail about how it felt real. For the next montage, I’m lying on the ground and have to resurrect back to life only to be taken out again. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, I’m amazed at being alive with a beating heart but abruptly get knocked out. You seem to like my performance and moans, but I get really excited about the prospect of breath control games before going out. Breath play is something I do in my personal life, so I’m eager to do some pretend throat grabbing with gurgling noises. That one took it out of me and I lie on the floor caressing my pussy over my jeans and tit grabbing. The last scene involves swallowing poison and I channel my inner Shakespearean acting skills to make it look real. Wobbling to stay balanced, I pretend indignation as it burns my throat. Being dramatic and over the top, I stumble as the fire goes down my gullet, retching and writhing with an arched back. With glassy eyes, you take close up shots for the casting agents. You say the audition is over, but I’m horny and start pussy rubbing and tit rubbing.

 I have seen a couple of these audition style videos, but none so far has taken a sexy turn like this. As you may have seen in other audition videos, Sinn is going for a role in an upcoming movie where she’ll play a victim. So they want to see how good she dies. Sinn nails the first few attempts flawlessly and explains how excited she is, but we didn’t quite understand just how excited she really was until things escalated. Before we know it Sinn’s hands are in her pants and all over her body as the pretending to die is turning her on. It’s a really fun spin on videos like this. I not normally one for the more sensual or sexual vids, but this is a good mix of preteneding to die and being really turned on my doing so. Sinn of course is an amazing actress who is completely convincing in both major aspects of this video. I also like her outfit here, which is a nice casual look. There is only twitching on the first death, but I wish there was more, and she tends to fall in the same position most of the time, which I assume the customer asked her to do, but it would have been better for me to see her fall in different positions. Either way, it is great watching Sinn perform in videos like this. She’s such a great talent, she’s always worth checking out!

Overall Score: 8.5/10