Review of Taking out the Spy

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Review of Kayla ObeyTaking out the Spy – 9 mins

The spy is trying to get to the computer to hack it for important data. She sneaks around but is taken out each attempt. – blasted back to the wall where she slides down to slump in a limp pile – gets punched around and tries to fight back, falls to her knees and is finished off with more punches – grabbed by the head from behind and pleads, but falls to the ground before grasping at her throat and struggling before going entirely limp, eyes staring off into nothing – electric handle causes her to convulse – grabbed by an unknown force and thrown around the room, tossed around before one final slam into the wall finishes her – she is in a trance, balancing up on her toes before receiving a powerful uppercut that knocks her to the floor – she stands with her palms to the wall and looks back at you frightened and pleading, her body twitches before she falls limp – walks into the room and smells a toxic odour, covers her mouth but it is futile, she rolls around on the floor before going still – she finally gets to the computer but is grabbed from behind and her neck twist suddenly, her feet twitch a second before going still – she gets to the computer and manages to succeed in hacking it, she leaves but is caught off guard, and grabbed around the neck, lifted off the floor while she gasps, her feet dangle and go still

After a bunch of my custom reviews this one is more traditional Kayla Obey action. Not that my customs are super unusual or anything. Anyway, Agent Kayla is trying to complete a mission and things consistently don’t go her way. She gets taken out over and over again, sometimes just left out cold, sometimes left staring into space with that blank look on her face and other times she’s left twitching, which of course are my favorite scenes. I also loved the scene where Kayla just gets tossed around by some magical force, the way Kayla tosses herself around looked so good. We get plenty of full body shots, with what I assume is purposely making sure we can see her shoes, might have to add that detail in to my next custom and we get nice close ups a well. The last scene doesn’t have a shot of Kayla on the ground for some reason, it just ends with her feet dangling, which felt a bit off. Other than that everything was perfect and Kayla continues her endless streak of being incredibly awesome.

Overall Score: 9.5/10