Review of Super Girl Vs The Evil Genius

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Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish ClipsSuper Girl Vs The Evil Genius Galas – 15 mins

The evil genius Galas is working on a mind control chip and remote controller, when she is ambushed by Supergirl. Supergirl apprehends evil genius, but evil genius sneaks the mind control chip and places it center on Supergirl’s forehead. Super Girl goes crosseyed, then limp, finally collapsing to the floor due to the electric shock of the chip. Evil genius dusts herself off after the scuffle with super girl, and picks up the remote controller. Super girl is now a mind controlled fembot, wearing a blank robot-like wide-eyed expression, and moving robotically to the commands of the remote controller. She stands up, then jumps up a few times, and does some humiliating tasks (Removing her skirt, spanking herself and giving herself wedgies) without a thought as the chip blinks on her forehead. She is even commanded to say some very villainous things robotically! Unfortunately, after the fun, the controller starts to short out, and Supergirl goes cross eyes and out again. Evil genius removes the chip from her forehead to determine the problem, but she underestimates how quickly Supergirl regains consciousness. Super girl quickly catches the evil genius off guard, snatching the chip from her opponent’s hands and placing it on her forehead instead. Evil genius’ brain suddenly becomes overcome with the controlling signals, and she too goes cross eye and limp. Supergirl then finds the controller, activates her new fembot slave, and tests the control of the device. Evil genius is a helpless toy, blank faced and obedient, doing humiliating tasks similar to what she made Super girl do ( freeze , groping herself, crawling , acting like different creatures, exposed her panties , stripping her boots to give to Supergirl). However, because this is not her technology, she doesn’t know the limits of the control device. She accidentally overwhelms the evil genius’ brain with a super-signal button. Evil genius acts as if her brain is being assaulted and glitching. She twitches, makes some jerky movements, says some random words, crosses her eyes, until finally going stiff and then limp. Super girl, having fried her enemies brain, puts the remote control down and embarrassingly walks away. Both Super Girl & Galas in high heels knee high boots

Got something a little bit different for you guys today as technically this is a mind control video, but it does have some KOs and it stars Galas and Jacquelyn Velvets. And Even though I can’t say this is another Jacquelyn defeat, she does get KO’d in this and she is playing Supergirl, so close enough. So I get two Jackie KOs, one from the device being stuck to her head, the other when the device malfunctions. The second one has Jackie twitching a bit as the device breaks. Both KOs she gives us that great eye rolling which she is famous for. I don’t mind the mind control stuff, as it was either sexy or funny and that is for both Galas and Jackie. Galas has the tides turn on her next as Jackie snatches the device and sticks it to Galas’ head. She too goes out when it is applied and when it breaks and also does some twitching for the malfunction part. I do have to say that Galas is wearing the most skin toned panties I have ever seen in my life. Honestly, I was just about convinced she wasn’t wearing any at all, but you can just barely see them when she pulls her skirt up. Intentional or not, an excuse to stop and take a close look at Galas’ ass is a good thing. Speaking of clothing, or lack thereof, I do love both outfits here, of course Supergirl is a fan fav, but Galas’ outfit is sexy as hell too. So although the focus here is on mind control and following commands, I did gets some nice KOs and the mind control stuff was either funny or sexy, overall this ended up bring a good watch.

Overall Score: 8.5/10