Review of Super Fake

Review of Cali Logan’s Power and PerilSuper Fake – 28 mins

Vonka Romanov tries to break in when Supergirl, aka Angelica Vee, bolts in to stop her! SuperAngelica tries to use her strongest powers to bring down Vonka… but Vonka doesn’t even budge. SuperAngelica puts her paws up, but immediately gets decked in the face!! Her head hits the wall and she slides right down, eyes rolling and a little drool coming out. Vonka gives her another punch to the face, picks her up, and gives her a whole bunch of punches to the belly and face! Supergirl is clearly a superfake! After the barrage of punches, Vonka puts Supergirl into a tight headhold, making SuperAngelica turn red and drool even more! SuperAngelica flops to the ground and Vonka wraps her hands around Angelica’s throat—there’s no way she’s getting out alive. Vonka gives SuperAngelica a full round of neck holds, head holds, and punches all over the place, leaving her face down in drool. This is a total domination where Vonka shows absolutely no mercy!! When things were looking there most brutal, Vonka leaves to grab a box—a box? Vonka rolls the pathetic “Super” Angelica over to strip her out of her super costume so she can be a punching bag! Next, off goes the bra and panties, and on goes the boxing gloves. Vonka puts on her boxing gloves too and goes to town on Supergirl’s weak ass face. Her eyes keep rolling and drool keeps pouring out. When SuperAngelica starts to show a little life, Vonka takes it right away from her! Vonka destroys any resemblance of life that SuperAngelica once had and then folds up her naked little body to place her in the box — a tiny coffin!

Here is another one of my soon to be famous mash-up style customs, in which I just pile all the kinks I love into one script and just see what happens. This one comes from Cali Logan, who is probably the most organized person I have ever ordered a custom from. Ordering customs from Cali is the most worry-free custom experience I’ve had. She keeps all her orders on her site and they have statuses, shoot dates and expected delivery dates. So if you ever wonder what’s up with your custom, you can just pull up her site and look. It’s all consistently updated and she’s yet to miss a deadline, at least for me. Now back to the video, as I was saying I just pile all my kinks into a script, so this one has superheroine, ragdolling, OTT reactions, boxing, fist fight, sleeper holds, chokes, stripping, nudity, stuffing limp bodies in plastic bins and all sorts of random things. It stars one of my newest favorite victims Angelica Vee, who is freaking adorable and tiny which makes her a great victim, because everyone is bigger than her. It also helps that she can sell a great beatdown, like this and does pretty well the OTT reactions too. I think you guys will love seeing Angelica as the hapless superheroine in this video. Vonka is my baddie in this, which is like asking her to breathe oxygen. Vonka is known for playing the tough girl, does just that here, as she mercilessly beat up the poor wannabe superheroine. I love this video because they really did a great job giving everything a little time in the spotlight. Like, just letting Angelica lay out cold for a bit, getting close looks at her drooling, twitching and eye rolling. Or switching attacks, from bare fist punches, to choking and sleepers, to boxing. And Vonka takes her time stripping Angelica naked, all before finally just packing the poor helpless thing into a plastic box for safe keeping. These scripts are fun to write because I feel like they are super random. Ordering from Cali is a total pleasure and the final results are wonderful, even when the overall idea doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you are a fan of my customs, then you want to miss this. This is not my first mash-up style custom from Cali and it certainly won’t be my last.

Overall Score: 11/10