Review of Summer’s New Hold

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Summer’s New Hold – 21 mins

As our video opens we find Becca and Summer circling in the ring, ready to wrestle. Becca taunts Summer about not being strong enough to face her while Summer confidently tells the top FWR blond that she’s not only going to destroy her, she’s going to use her to demonstrate her new hold … the “Couch Squish Hold”! They lock up and Becca finds herself TOTALLY dominated by the taller blond beauty. Summer ties Becca up with a headlock, bear hug, over-the-knee back breaker, bow and arrow, Boston crab, camel clutch, surfboard, lotus lock, body scissor/full nelson stretch, a straight head scissor, side head scissor, and reverse figure four head scissor that finally brings an exhausted and desperate submission from poor Becca. Summer claims her victory by dragging Becca out to the couch where she demonstrates her new hold! Summer uses her greater size and weight to literally squash her beaten opponent into the couch. Becca moans and groans while she tries to escape but the tough Summer has her where she wants her! A final two-handed head vice takes poor Becca into unconsciousness as Summer takes her victory poses! Enjoy!

You guys know I am always looking for a Becca beatdown in just about any way I can get it and this video is definitely that but in kind of a unique way. For the most part this match is pretty normal, with Summer in complete control of poor Becca as she switches for submission hold to submission hold with Becca doing nothing more than just whining her way through. The whole time Summer keeps taunting Becca about a unique finisher she has planned. after much anticipation and build up we finally get to see this finishing move, or moves as it turns out. Moves that were kind of just a mix of Summer sitting on Becca, doing a scissor hold or two, a breast smother and finally putting Becca out with a skull crusher. To be honest, it was a bit of a letdown after all that anticipation. Not at Becca or even Summer for that matters, but I was hoping for a unique move, something different… like if Summer put Becca on her knees, stuffed her face into the seat cushions and then sat on Becca’s head until she quit squirming, that would have lived up to hype that was created. If you take all that build up away and just enjoy the video for what it was, you’d have a good time watching Summer squash Becca and at one point she literally does.

Overall Score: 8.5/10