Review of Stripper’s Scorn

Review of JinxFlimsStripper’s Scorn – 12 mins

Angry stripper, Jinx, approaches you and presses for a fight in regards to her money. She pushes you and you respond by busting her in the cunt, making her pay for disrespecting you. You give her several kicks and punches to the pussy, but she stubbornly refuses to let up. She fights back for a split second, but is overwhelmed by your powerful hits. You continue to dominate her until she is unable to get back up.

Jinx keeps making these lovely POV videos and her outfits keep getting better. This is probably the best an outfit can get, if you ask me. I love this sexy stripper outfit and the high heel boots are a major plus for me. Other than the outfit, this one is a lot like the other, but instead of belly punches, this one is more about low blows. Jinx of course sells everything with excellence. There’s even a KO at the end, well basically a KO, as Jinx can’t get up anymore and lays pretty still. This may be my favorite one of all the POV vids I’ve seen from Jinx, mostly because of the outfit, with the boxing one being the next favorite. I hope to see Jinx keep making these vids and I’ll keep checking them out.

Overall Score: 8.5/10