Review of SLAMpeg 755: Brandi Wine vs. Kristin Astara

Review of Slammin’ LadiesSLAMpeg 755: Brandi Wine vs. Kristin Astara – 16 mins

The Radiant Rain is on referee duty for this Last Woman Standing match, the loser being the first to fail to beat a 10 count. The match starts evenly balanced between both women; A Swinging Neckbreaker from Brandi puts Kristin down for a six count. Kristin responds in kind, nailing Brandi with a DDT that leaves her on the canvas for a similar time. Just as Brandi seems to be taking control of the match (thanks to a little corner cutting and the ropes), Kristin locks in Sleeper and slowly begins to wear down the ring veteran. Brandi struggles to escape, almost reaching the ropes but it is not enough and she is soon seemingly out. Brandi is just able to beat the count, only to be Snapmared and put back in the very same hold by the opportunistic Kristin. Another last second recovery sees Brandi determined to not to succomb to Kristin’s Sleeper for a third time and she is quick to go on the offensive, once again ignoring the rules and the ref at every opportunity to punish Kristin. A brutal Facebuster finally puts one wrestler out for the count and beyond, as the tired winner takes a moment to make herself comfortable on her defeated opponent.

A classic, old school Slammin’ Ladies vid here for you guys, this one starring two women who I have seen do a whole lot of jobbing. One probably “a bit” more than the other, looking at you Kristin. Anyway, this a last woman standing match, one that starts off with a bunch of chain wrestling, which is something Slammin’ Ladies does a lot. I am impatient and as much as it makes total sense that these ladies take some time trying to find an opening to take total control, it just takes too long for me. Eventually, the action does get going and we start getting some impactful moves and some close calls. These girls are pros and that means those moves look really great. The action is back and forth, with Kristin mostly on the back foot, but she does get in some solid offense and almost wins with match, almost. Brandi does make her come back, just in time and plants Kristin with a pedigree. Even though Kristin isn’t totally out cold, she damaged enough to not be able to make the ten count. I would have loved to see the pink clad jobber girl totally laid out for the loss, but this was still and ok ending to a pretty fun match up.

Overall Score: 8.5/10