Review of SLAMpeg 443: Krissy Vaine vs. Leva

Review of Slammin’ LadiesSLAMpeg 443: Krissy Vaine vs. Leva – 10.5 mins

Krissy Vaine and Leva face off in a one-fall match that opens with a little boasting from Krissy and a calm, sporting attitude from Leva. Leva opens up with a nice overhand Wristlock, taking control early and even getting the first near-fall of the match. Things continue to go Leva’s way for a while as she keeps Krissy’s comeback under wraps with a nice sidearm headlock. Unfortunately, the lack of a referee proves to be too much of a temptation for Krissy, and after a blatant double chop to the throat softens up Leva’s windpipe, Krissy has a very successful time working over Leva’s neck with a variety of rope chokes, Front Facelocks and Sleeperholds, sending out struggled shrieks of pain from Leva. Leva gamely tries to fight out of it, but in the end Krissy’s vicious assault proves too much, getting Krissy a tap-out victory with a vicious Neck Scissors. Even that isn’t enough to abate Krissy’s sadistic streak as an after-the-bell assault leaves Leva out cold.

I’ve been a fan of Leva for a long time, she super charismatic and creative, which is two rather useful traits for a jobber, even though Leva isn’t really a jobber, but I like to see her lose nonetheless. We don’t really too much of her creativity or charisma here, but just believe me when I say that she is quite the personality. This match is mostly one sided, which of course is a good thing for me. I also like Leva doesn’t quit trying to fight back even though Krissy isn’t exactly fighting fair. That makes it a bit more fun as Leva manages to escape a move or two, but just gets tripped into the ropes or poked in the eye and Krissy takes control back. The moves look really good because they are both pros and that makes an obvious difference in the move execution. I usually don’t like tap out finishes, because I love pin and KOs, but since this one was immediately followed by a choke out KO, I can love with it.

Overall Score: 8.5/10