Review of SLAMpeg 1367: Santana vs Danny Demanto

Review of Slammin’ LadiesSLAMpeg 1367: Santana vs Danny Demanto – 15 mins

A mismatch for the ages. And a three out of five fall one at that. Chasyn Rance in stripes as he watches Danny pick poor Santana apart over the course of three falls. It’s bad news from the outset when Danny wants to start with a handshake… but Santana wants none of it and is off to a strong start with some kicks and a big stunner. But it’s not long before Danny starts his rampage. Headbutts, chokes, and a big Camel Clutch that has Santana screaming. A Bearhug Santana will never forget has her reeling, but it’s the STF Danny locks that has her tapping for the first fall. And so it goes for Santana from here on out, with Danny dominating his outmatched opponent. Slams, hairpulls, Torture Racks, huge Clotheslines, Suplexes and more wear Santana down further and further. An inverted power move that has to be seen to be believed takes fall 2, and an inverted Powerbomb has her out for fall 3.

I’m sure you’ve guys noticed by now that I don’t really review too many videos from Slammin’ Ladies, but when I do it’s normally a video where Santana Garrett gets completely destroyed. That trend continues today as I have another wonder jobber performance by the amazing Santana Garrett. Danny Demanto is the masked baddie in this one and man does he take pleasure in bringing the pain down on poor Santana. One thing I will always love about SLAM vids is that with trained professionals we get some really good looking moves, lots of slam and power moves that really give this an excellent pro wrestling style that I really enjoy. Santana of course is a favorite of mine for many reasons and she does her best to play it tough, suffer through the pain and stay in the match, but in the end loses multiple rounds and is left out cold in the end.  Matches like this are hard to find in thousands of vids on Slamin’ Ladies, but they are out there and they are worth finding.

Overall Score: 9/10