Review of Sister Squabble

Review of Sister Squabble

This story actually continues from the Mysterious Woman video, but this is the other side as Sasha is here to warn her sister, Tara, that Sassi is looking for her and she doesn’t think she is strong enough to beat her. This starts sparks a boxing battle and Sasha starts off in control. Just as Sasha is getting ready to finish off Tara, a smile comes across the face of Tara and she jumps back up and takes control of the battle. She pretty much dominates the rest of the match. Sasha does get a few more punches in but once she thinks she’s in control Tara once again surprises Sasha again, by not being effected yet again. This time Tara just about knocks Sasha out but before she finishes her, Sasha once again warns Tara about Sassi, but Tara still not worried KOs Sasha and leaves, off to find Sassi.

First off, I love this story building. I wonder why Sassi is looking for Tara? I wonder if Tara will find Sassi before she finds her and I wonder what will happen when these two super strong competitors meet? Now, on to this match. I love boxing matches as you guys should know by now and this one was great. I like how Tara was pretty much faking being beaten by Sasha and the expressions she makes, like the evil smile or just that kind of angry look, when she surprises Sasha where pretty funny to me. Sasha, as always plays a great jobber. The ending was great where Tara almost had her out in the butt in the air position and had Sasha warning her again although she was half out of it and the final KO are all awesome. A fun vid with a interesting story that i can’t wait to see what happens next.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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