Review of She Thought She Was Better

Review of Sinn SageShe Thought She Was Better – 31 mins

I’m ready for my second chance at a virtual fight with you (Go see Zero Boxing Skills for the first fight!) It was a fluke that you kicked my ass because I was sick that day. I’m flexing biceps to show my strength and female supremacy. Punching faces is your go to move and you got lucky. I go to the floor, but you’re hair pulling me up to continue our virtual beatdown. My boxing gloves sparring the air as my eyes cross, tongue out and I fall to the floor. Stumbling with dramatic faces, I’m drooling and can’t get a point. A pussy punch is an insulting surprise and I’m twitching on the ground in the first knockout. The second KO is fast and embarrassing, but I’m stubborn about getting a jab. My black sports bra needs to stay on my perky tits, but you’re stripping it so I can fight better. I try to cover myself in embarrassment with my boxing gloves, but you’re boob punching and stomach punching me to distraction. Flopping down, my ass twitching is the only thing moving. I’m up but you give repeated face punches that cause spittle to eek out of my mouth. Removing my gym shorts entertains you, but I’m alert after nude cunt punching! Stay still even though there are three of you! Ass punching is rude and I start to confront you, but embarrassed whenI  realize I’m naked. You finish the beat down to shut me up and give ass smackings to give discipline. You’re scolding me while face beating so the whites of my eyes show. Breast beatings, pussy punching, butt punching and ab punching is not nice and I’m out for a while which gives you time to drag my still body. You’re pov lap sitting on me and giving me hard belly punches, face smackings and tit beatings. My eyes open and cross, but I’m still KO’ed even when turned over for booty punching. You tell me not to come back and I awaken later in pain and groggy. Struggling to stand, I have a comedic time falling back on the floor for another nap!

After Sinn’s embarrassing defeat in “Zero Boxing Skills” she’s rested, recovered and got her confidence back up and demanded a rematch. Lucky for us, this match goes even worse for the legendary model than her first match. Right away the POV takes complete control and we are immediately treated to that OTT selling that Sinn is so amazing at. Before you know it she’s kissing the canvas and twitching that beautiful backside all over the place. Just like the previous match, after a few KOs the clothes start coming off and before she knows it, literally, she is completely naked. The POV is out to teach her a lesson this time though, so even after Sinn goes completely out, he continues the beating on a completely unconscious victim. This is a one-sided, over the top, POV boxing beatdown for the ages. Sinn is super silly, super OTT with her selling, it’s utterly amazing. There’s lots of KOs, lots of trash talking, lots of brutality and lots of humiliation. Simply put, this is a must own POV boxing video for any fans of the genre. Well, any fans of the maledom, OTT genre of POV boxing. Because it honestly doesn’t get much better than this.

Overall Score: 11/10