Review of Searching the Premises

Review of Hannah in Fetishland Searching the Premises – 43 mins

Agent Hannah Perez and Agent Sumiko Dreams are on the hunt. Each must destroy one another in pursuit. While searching the household, Sumiko finds and mows down Hannah first!!! Sumiko blazes Hannah with a field full of shots leaving Hannah’s body shaking in place from the barrage of air pellets!! Next, it’s Hannah’s turn to search the whole house, and find Sumiko to overkill with pellets! Sumiko stands, body shaking in place, for an excruciatingly long time before flopping on the ground. This go, both ladies search the house to end each other! Hannah and Sumiko’s spot each other at the same time, take their stances, and simultaneously put a full blanket of pellets in each other! Both bodies shake in place with the overkill!! Sumiko Dreams and Hannah Perez fall to the ground, in a body pile. After another resurrection, both ladies search the house, once again with the mission to end each other. When Hannah and Sumiko spot each other, they are alarmed to see YOU fully equipped with something strong enough to blaze them down! You let the overkill of pellets violently shake Hannah and Sumiko’s bodies before plopping to the ground. – Features 20+ mini scenes

Here is a style of video that I have bought many times from Hannah and others, but have rarely reviewed. I don’t know why I don’t haven’t reviewed many of the previous iterations, I clearly enjoy these vids. After all, they are really pretty silly, the body shaking can easily be seen as twitching, they’re really long vids with just tons and tons of short scenes that normally end in body piles or the girls laid out in awkward positions. All of these are things that I enjoy, but the cherry on top is that they are always wearing sneakers, shorts and sports bras which just so happens to be a favorite attire choice for me. This particular version stars Hannah and Sumiko, they both get mowed down by POV or each other. They end up piled on the floor or all over the furniture and just fun to watch. There’s lots of body shaking as they get riddled and even more once they go down and some “insurance” shots. I can see it getting repetitive for some people as it is a really long video and a lot of scenes are just reversing the roles as who goes down first or who gets betrayed by the POV, but overall I think this video is a ton of fun and there’s lots of versions out there starring all sorts of people, some solo versions too. In my opinion, it just doesn’t get better than Sumiko and Hannah.

Overall Score: 9/10