Review of Santiago Brothers Vs Merciless Sisters II

Review of Hot But DangerousSantiago Brothers Vs Merciless Sisters II – 15 mins

This is one of those clips that don’t come with a written description, so I’ll sum it up for you quickly here. First things first, there is a part one to this, of similar nature, but Anastacia gets a few wins in as well as taking some loses. Here in part two things don’t go as well. Anastacia is a masked heroine captured by 2 thugs who take great joy in dominating her with several wrestling submission holds and some belly and face punches too. Once they are satisfied with their dominance, they snap her neck. This starts a long series of replays where they show off a bunch of different ways to bring the poor heroine to an end.

As a big fan of one-sided matches, this video does a lot right. I love that it’s 2v1, uneven odds is already a good start. I like that Anastacia does try to fight back in the beginning, only to be overwhelmed by the two guys. We got some nice wrestling holds with some good selling from Anastacia. And although it doesn’t really mean anything, I like that one of the guys is wearing some Stone Cold sweatpants. Speaking of attire, I do like what Anastacia is wearing. The leather-ish even the mask is ok. I don’t like it when the jobber is wearing a mask, because I want to see her face, unobscured, but at least you can see her eyes and mouth well, so this mask it not too bad at all. Once the wrestling is the the neck snapping begins. We get a grand total of 9 different neck snaps, each on a little different than the next. And I think this was really cool. It’s like an instant replay, but better because each scene is different. Overall, this was a great beatdown video, that’s easily worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9/10