Review of Sage Meets Skullkid

Review of DJSleepyProductionsSage Meets Skullkid – 28 mins

Sage makes her debut at DJSleepyProductions against the fan favorite Skullkid. Sage is very confident she can defeat Skullkid. But finds out real quick Skullkid is not a normal human being and gets totally knocked out and destroyed.

Sage Pillar aka FWR’s Violet has made some waves on her latest tour as she visited a few of my favorite producers. First on the list is DJSleepyProductions. Right away I do have to mention that this video is shot on a tripod, DJ didn’t have anyone else to help shoot the video, so he did what he had to and made the best out of the situation. He too would agree that it would always be better to have a camera person, but you can’t always get what you want. That out of the way, I can talk about what a great squash match this was. For being shot on a tripod and on a bed in a hotel room, this video is still super enjoyable. Most importantly because Sage is a beautiful jobber, her sweet and innocent attitude goes a long way in this one. Also the OTT KOs and repeated pins help a lot too. I’m pretty sure Sage would look great no matter what you wrap around that body, but the bikini and long socks are a nice choice. Overall, sure there are some things that could have made this video better, but this is literally the definition of working with / making the best with what you got and you can’t be upset with anyone for doing that. So good job, both DJ and Sage and look forward to seeing more from both or you whether individually or together.

Overall Score: 9/10