Review of Rocked Roxie

Review of Ghosty’s Fetish BoxRocked Roxie – 35 mins

I’m working on a new Roxie clone to try and make them more than “incompetent at best” and that requires me to test a new drug to build her resilience up to ko serums. I made it a bit too potent and every dose launches her into a fit of eye rolling, twitching, drooling. It’s gonna be a long day of testing it seems.

The lovely folks over at Ghosty’s Fetish Box have taken a small break from their love of bare feet, to put this video together for me. One that takes away almost all bare feet, as the camera girl’s toes do make an appearance, but instead focuses on the over the top nonsense I always love and support. This video doesn’t steer away from the silly banter this production has become known for, as the cast and crew can’t help but joke back and forth with each other, taking that away would remove some of the charm that makes Ghosty’s Fetish Box what it is. The whole point of this video is to drug and knock out Roxie, every time she goes out from the drugs she’s launched into a fit of twitching, drooling and eye rolling. Roxie is really good at these OTT reactions which is kind of the reason I wanted to see a video that focuses on that. I mean honestly, I want to see every video focus on over the top reactions, but that’s not a realistic possibility. We also dressed Roxie in her cute little school girl outfit, because it just looks amazing on her and upskirts are always a plus. And I bought her some converse boots for this one, because I love converse boots and giving this production a pair of boots can only lead to more videos with girls wearing converse boots, even if they do get removed later in the video, it’s still a plus for me. Overall, any video that has Roxie acting a fool and getting knocked out is a good video. The points only go up if she’s twitching, drooling, eye rolling a bunch too and even more points for a sexy outfit, preferably with converse boots, or any other shoes for that matter. I mean, what’s there not to love about seeing Roxie get knocked out over and over again?

Overall Score: 9.5/10