An experienced female boxer, Peyton, impatiently awaits a rookie boxer, Jackie. Finally, a tiny girl comes into the ring wearing trunks that are too big for her and sporting HUGE puffy red boxing gloves. Peyton laughs and attacks, pounding poor Jackie all around the ring. But her disdain for Jackie is her downfall as Jackie makes a comeback and makes Peyton’s eyes cross and tongue to stick out with a HUGE sucker punch! After Peyton’s knocked out, we move on to scene two where Jackie has put a TINY thong bikini and the huge puffy gloves on Peyton while she slept. Jackie enjoys pummeling the groggy brunette all around the ring and finally knocks her out in a spectacular eye-crossing, tongue out fashion. We close with Jackie putting head gear on the dazed brunette then carrying her back to the dressing room. You’ll love this silly boxing video!

In this sexy little boxing match, we have the age old story of the veteran versus the newbie, with Jackie playing the newbie. Things however don’t go according to plan for too long though. At first Peyton easily dominates Jackie, punching her all over the ring, knocking her down and knocking her out in pretty much no time. Then, like a rookie, Payton turns her back on Jackie and that’s where this story jumps off the tracks and takes a sexy and a little over the top turn. Peyton gets caught with her pants down, almost literally and Jackie lays her out cold, in a great tongue out, eye crossing KO. Jackie then takes Peyton’s clothes leaving her in the tiniest bikini known to man and switches her gloves too. From here on out, the thong bikini clad jobber is too punch drunk to really put up a fight, although she tries, but Jackie just plays with her until she’s bored. Then she puts the babyface down for the night and carries her to bed. There’s a lot to love about this video, like the twist in the normal rookie versus vet story, the tiny bikini, Peyton’s punch drunkenness, Jackie’s incredible confidence after getting knocked out. Both Jackie and Peyton act and sell their butts off in this and It all comes together really well to make an awesome video.

Overall Score: 9/10