Review of Ragdoll Boxer

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsRagdoll Boxer – 25 mins

We join Peyton in the dressing room where she tells us that she has a match against the cocky “champion” Becca. She tells us that she plans to win and that she might have loaded her boxing gloves. The girls meet in the ring and Becca quickly knocks Peyton out with a few punch combinations. Not ready to end the match, Becca wakes up a groggy Peyton. Dazed and confused, Peyton throws wild punches but manages to connect with an uppercut. Becca drops and the fun begins. In several rounds, Becca is left with her eyes rolling, her tongue out, and twitching. Poor Becca doesn’t know where she is as Peyton totally dominates her all around the ring. This match, filled with over-the-top reactions by a dazed, confused, and groggy Becca ends with a wind-up uppercut and several sexy victory poses by the new champion, Peyton.

By the title of this video alone, I knew I would love this. Not only is it a ragdoll video, but it’s also a one sided boxing match. A scenario I love so much, I’ve often done it in my customs. However, this is not one of my customs, even as much as it might look like my handy work, it is not. There is so much I love about this one it’s hard to know where to begin. I love that Peyton is cheating to beat Becca, using loaded gloves to give her the edge. I always like to see an unfair advantage. I also like that Peyton fails to land a punch early in the match, ending up getting knocked out herself rather quickly. Then Becca decides not to end the match, counting to only 9 before picking Peyton up off the mats, an idea she gives to Peyton that comes back to haunt her later in this match. And I love that a punch-drunken Peyton gets off a lucky punch amidst a bevy of wild swings, but because her gloves are loaded Becca goes out like a light. This is just the opening few minutes of the match and I couldn’t think of a better way to start this thing off. From that point on the title of this video really comes to fruition. Becca is totally knocked out for pretty much the rest of the match. She has a little life left in her after round 1, but after that she’s totally done. Round after round Becca is knocked out, dragged back to her feet at the count of 9, only to get knocked out again and then saved by the bell. Becca remains out cold and twitching through the break as Peyton drags her back to her feet again at the beginning of the next round. I loved every minute of this merciless action. Becca is one of the best jobbers around. I think that’s just a matter of fact at this point and Peyton, who is a pretty great jobber herself, is also a fantastic heel who really shines when she’s beating up Becca. Peyton and Becca are the best FWR pairing, no matter what way you want the match to go. Finally to top it off, Peyton finally counts to 10 and then spends a few minutes doing different victory poses over the constantly twitching Becca. This is something I need to add to my scripts as I really do love seeing the multiple victory poses over a twitching jobber. Anyway, if you like over the top action it is an easy must own for you. 

Overall Score: 10/10