Review of Queen of FWR: Becca vs Peyton

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsQueen of FWR: Becca vs Peyton – 12 mins

This custom video pits Becca vs Peyton in a special rules match. The winner is the first girl to get 3 knockouts with each ko to be confirmed with a 10 count. And to make it more interesting the girls strip an article of clothing off the loser of each round. If you love eye-rolling, tongues sticking out, twitching knockouts, and two of our top beauties administering punches, sleepers, trash talking, and a little humiliation to each other then this match is for you! Peyton manages to come out on top and finishes poor Becca off by kicking her out of the ring, putting her in a butt-in-air position, and using red lipstick to make a kiss mark on her butt and write “Property of Peyton” on the other. You’ll love this sexy fight!

Becca and Peyton do it again. I mean it’s no surprise, every time these two get to go at it we get a great show. This time there are some OTT reactions, more tongue out and eye rolling than twitching, but it’s all really great. I love the KOs we got, all of them are sold super well by these two veterans and I love that Peyton came out on top, as Becca got too cocky and turned her back on Peyton and then was too punch drunk to save herself in the end. It doesn’t really matter that much who wins when we get Peyton vs Becca, but I do love it just a bit more when Becca loses. I also love the clothing removal stuff. I have been seeing a lot of that around the web lately, but is a great addition to any match. Overall, this one does feel a little on the short side, probably because the action was so good, but I definitely would have loved ten more minutes of this awesome action. Either way, Becca and Peyton gave me another great vid for my favorites list.

Overall Score: 9.9/10