Review of Punching Out Stevie

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPunching Out Stevie – 10 mins

A confident Stevie enters the ring, looking forward to knocking you out. The bell rings and Stevie slams her boxing gloves into your face and belly while taunting and teasing you. You get winded and find yourself being pounded all over the ring until a huge uppercut knocks you out! But Stevie claims her victory too soon and while she’s doing victory poses you wake up before the 10 count and get back into the fight. Stevie offers you a free punch and soon finds herself flat on her butt! She gets up and you both trade hard punches until you begin to take control, jabbing her pretty face and pounding her cute bare belly. Stevie drops to the mat several times only to rise up for more. In the end she’s too groggy and punch drunk to offer any resistance and so you guide her off the ropes with your left and slam her with a right uppercut. Stevie drops to her butt, tries to rise, then sinks to the mat, knocked out in a butt-in-the-air pose. You count her out then roll her over so we all get a nice view of her pretty face. We know you’ll love this video!

Another excellent POV boxing match from FWR. This time Stevie is the star of the show. Stevie has been an impressive addition to the FWR roster, she has done a little bit of everything and has done it well. POV boxing has become one of my favorite things to see lately, so I was excited to see Stevie in this video. Much like most FWR boxing videos this one starts out with Stevie in control, only to watch her slowly lose control and eventually get knocked out. Although I do prefer the one sided matches, this style has definitely grown on me. It’s not OTT in any way, but it’s well performed and it’s great watching Stevie get more and more punch drunk as the match goes on. I also love this outfit and that she has shoes on. This is another solid POV boxing match that I have come to expect from FWR and will hopefully continue to see for years to come.

Overall score: 9.5/10