Review of Punch Out Super-Lucky!

Review of Hit The MatPunch Out Super-Lucky! – 12 mins

Get in the ring with Super Lucky! She’s ready for a fight but becomes hesitant once she sees your green boxing gloves. “Are those kryptonite gloves”?, she asks. Yes, yes they are! Super-Lucky is boxed around the ring with head snapping jabs and hooks, dazed and her eyes rolling as she is powerless to stop this boxing beatdown. Super Lucky gets beaten up some more with punches to the belly, low blows, and several knockdowns. This superheroine is about to get knocked out, POV style!

This is quite a unique video from HTM, as it isn’t very often that they add a superheroine element to their matches. And of course it’s even better that the heroine in peril is none other than the Lucky O’Shea. It’s always great to see Lucky getting beaten up and I am a huge fan of HTM’s maledom POV videos. Add to that a cute little superheroine outfit and some kryptonite gloves to explain why Super Lucky is no match for the POV and that makes Lucky a real loser, which is a real win for us. The fight is of course one sided, so we get all that great Lucky selling that I love. In true HTM fashion, there is plenty of knockdowns along the way, that all lead up to an eventually KO. And one thing they did different that I wish they would do more, is they sold the after match beatdown part separately. Even though I bought it this time, because it’s Lucky and I need to have all of it, most of the time I would actually skip that part as it doesn’t appeal to me as much as the actual match does. I think it’s just nice to have that option. Anyway, the point is, Lucky gets her butt beat and left out cold on the mats again and even though she can legitimately claim that they cheated to beat her, she knows that no one wants to see her win anyway.

Overall Score: 9.5/10