Review of PUNCH DRUNK POV: Jacquelyn Velvets

Review of Dark Lotus CombatPUNCH DRUNK POV: Jacquelyn Velvets – 21 mins

Jacquelyn has been training really hard for her big boxing match with POV, but all that practice isn’t enough! She immediately starts getting punched over and over, repeatedly getting knocked out. Her eyes roll back and she twitches as POV stands over her, waiting for her to get back up and try again. Watch Jacquelyn face 20 minutes of knock out after knock out before POV finally has enough fun.

Another addition to the Punch Drunk series that I’ve been doing with the help of the amazing Irene Silver. This time our victim is the legendary Jacquelyn Velvets. It is pretty much business as usual here. Things quickly go very poorly for poor Jacquelyn, with all of her over the top mastery on full display. Things go from bad to worse as the KOs pile up and so Jacquelyn is mostly topless and also lifeless. Eventually the POV does grant her some mercy, leaving her to think longer about who she challenges. I feel like Jacquelyn is such a known and wonderful talent that there is nothing here that I can say that could sell you on this any more than she already has with her acting. You know what you’re getting with this one, top notch OTT action done by one of the best in the business.  

Overall Score: 11/10