Review of PUNCH DRUNK POV Irene’s Attempt at Redemption

Review of Dark Lotus CombatPUNCH DRUNK POV Irene’s Attempt at Redemption – 19 mins

Irene Silver is back to challenge POV to round 2 of the infamous Punch Drunk Challenge. She must attempt to last 20 minutes of POV beat down. The busty brunette seems confident about this second match only to be knocked down by POV over and over again. She struggles getting back to her feet, eyes crossing tongue protruding. POV allows her to remain knocked out twitching on the ground for a few before they start to wake her up. After about 15 minutes of attempting to fight back Irene seems to be knocked out on her feet. POV is generous though and continues to hold her up to finish the fight.

I know a lot of you guys are probably wondering, if this is an attempt at  redemption, redemption for what? Where is part one? Well there is a part one, but I don’t think Irene is going to release it, because the footage turned out too bright, so I assume it doesn’t meet her quality standards. Maybe you could request it from her, because she is outstanding in that video as well as this one. As you can imagine things didn’t go her way the first time and didn’t get any better for her this time either. The incredible Irene Silver is clobbered from beginning to end. Getting knocked out repeatedly only to regain consciousness, struggling back to her feet, just to get knocked out again. Eventually, she goes down for good,  but the pov makes sure she’s done by picking her and giving her a few more punches for good measure. Irene did both videos for me as well as every other video in this series. The overall theme is exactly what you would expect from me, the POV dominates and the amazing jobber girls oversell everything.  Irene was the first to play the jobber and remains to be one of my favorites. She is really fantastic at playing a jobber, as much as she is casted at the dominant one, she is an incredible jobber and puts on quite the performance. I look forward to covering other videos from this series, but Irene definitely earned the first review. 

Overall Score: 10/10