Review of Pro Style Wrestling: Peyton vs Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPro Style Wrestling: Peyton vs Becca – 13 mins

Dressed in the fashion of old-school barefoot women wrestlers like Ann Casey, Velvet MacIntyre, and Marie Laverne our own Peyton and Becca enter the ring to wrestle each other in a no-nonsense woman vs woman match. Wearing ring jackets over one piece swimsuits, they enter the ring, go to their corners, stretch, remove their jackets, give a quick tug on the ropes and wrestle. They’re evenly matched and go back and forth with impressive wrestling technique! Head locks, hammerlocks, a monkey flip, some corner foot choking, plenty of sweet head scissors, a body slam, a leg nelson, two near-pins, a clothesline, body splashes, a torture rack, some taunting, and a final reversal to a knockout heart punch! A classic matchbook pin ends this awesome match! 

Every time we get to see Peyton and Becca together, I come here and tell you guys about how amazing they are. You would be foolish to think that this time would be any different. This is a pretty normal video, with nothing too crazy or unique about it, but Becca and Peyton make it special with their amazing chemistry. They are such a well-oiled machine, their moves, trash talk and overall performance take something rather normal and kick it up a notch. Even though I truly believe that it doesn’t matter who wins, when it comes to Becca vs Peyton, it’s still a bit of a plus that Becca lost. I can’t help it, Becca is just my favorite to see lose. I got a really nice KO at the end too. As if you guys need me to tell you, but it’s always worth checking out a video starring FWR’s top two stars.

Overall score: 9/10