Review of Power Ranger Peril

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Review of Kayla ObeyPower Ranger Peril – 10 mins

Power Ranger Kayla enters the home of a phantom. He manages to get her into a sleprhold and she struggles in her red ranger suit, eyes rolling, moaning and gasping for air. Eventually she succumbs to the pressure and falls limp to the floor. Slowly and groggily she comes to managing to stand back up and challenges the phantom to come out. She’s suddenly grabbed into a very tight bearhug, her arms pinned to her sides and struggling to catch a breath. She falls right out limp again from the hold. Several hours later, red ranger Kayla wakes up in a bathtub filled to the brim with toxic water. The heat and the toxic medicine added to the water pain her, and she struggles in the tub in agony. She faints from the pain. She comes to once more only to faint again. She wakes up again but this time in the shower, with the water coming down on her causing her pain and making her struggle against the water. Her body, boots, and suit is completely soaked. Once she faints her limp and helpless body is placed and posed in the now drained bathtub. The phantom has left her to come to her senses. She stumbles towards the bedroom, her body losing power as she faints on the bed. Still soaking from her time in the tub. She wakes up to the phantom fondling her defenseless body through her suit. She struggles and complains, begging him to stop touching her. She’s still so weak and can’t put up much of a fight, eventually she is completely exhausted and says to you “It is a complete defeat. It is regrettable.” and faints a final time.

This is another amazing Kayla Obey clip, with a really fun script and Kayla really put some work into this one. But first, as cool as the power ranger custom is, I still don’t like bodysuits, and even though it does get a little transparent when it’s wet, this video still would have been a little bit better if Kayla was in a bikini or just something that doesn’t cover her from neck to toe. With that out of the way, I literally loved everything else about this clip. I love the early on KOs, I love the bath tub stuff with the tainted water that KOs Kayla, of course anything that ends up with Kayla all wet, is something I can get behind. The shower scene is awesome, with more tainted water for more KOs, I love the multiple KO poses of Kayla in the tub and hanging out/on to the tub, and the last scene with a still soaked Kayla staggering over to the bed where she passes out, gets groped, by her invisible attacker, admits defeat, and passes out again, is great too. Of course, Kayla sells this all great, with great scenes, multiple angles and is all put together really well. It still amazes me that she does all this on her own. She even posted an outtake on her twitter of her getting the water out of her boots from the bath tub part, that I laughed at more than I probably should have. I think this video was kind of like her House of Horrors video, but not quite that creative, but still an awesome video, you got to check it out.

Overall Score: 9.9/10