Review of Poor Unsuspecting Andrea

Review of DefeatedPoor Unsuspecting Andrea – 27 mins

You ever feel like you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time? Well newcomer Andrea definitely did not, even though she was, as she casually stretched in the mat room, right before she was sneak attacked by fellow new comers Bianca and Lara. Our lovely unsuspecting victim is just minding her own when without warning she is brutally attacked. Our attackers sneak up on poor unsuspecting Andrea double team her and KO her with ease. Once the tiny jobber is out cold they remove a piece of clothing before leaving her lying. Soon Andrea wake up, unsure of what just happened to her, only to get sneak attacked and KO’d again. This is when our attackers choose to make sure Andrea doesn’t wake up again. They beat her down with several tag team moves until she nothing more than a ragdoll, that to make sure she’s really done, the repeated stomp on her neck, causing Andrea to twitch wildly and drool on herself. Satisfied with their destruction Bianca and Lara leave the beaten unsuspecting victim’s half naked body stretched out one the mats.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time we have another poor and unsuspecting sentry for two baddies to continuously sneak up on and take out. We get another look at the new girls that were recently added to Defeated Italian roster, with the one that’s caught my eye the most, Andrea, playing the sentry. This video is pretty straight forward, Bianca and Lara sneak up on Andrea, who was just trying to get some exercise in, KO her, play with her limp body, snap her neck and strip off a piece of her clothing. Now of course, I am a little disappointed that Andrea’s shoes come off first, I just love shoes / boots and it’s becoming quite the rare sight to even see shoes make any kind of appearance in Defeated videos.  That being said, I do love everything else about this video. The KOs are great, Andrea really sells them very well and we even get some OTT reactions near the end, which she also does great. I love the limp play here, as Bianca and Lara toss Andrea around a lot, even picking her up near the end and swinging her back and forth. Than the neck snaps are just a nice way to end each scene, we get a little reaction from Andrea for each neck snap, but I do love that she wakes up later, most of the time completely clueless as to what just happened to her. Near the end Andrea starts to catch on, but it’s still fun. So overall, my biggest complaint is just that Andrea’s shoes are removed first, which doesn’t even make much sense, because if you’re going to undress someone, it only makes sense to start with their shoes. Nonetheless, I’m still upset about it, but this is a great video, check it out.

Overall Score: 9/10