Review of Playing Pretend with Kayla

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Review of Kayla ObeyPlaying Pretend with Kayla – 8 mins

“It’s been so long since we’ve caught up! Do you remember how we used to play fight when we were younger? I actually have been thinking about that a lot.” Kayla playfully banters with you until you get drawn into her enthusiasm. She laughs and puts up her hands, ready to play fight with you. She shadow boxes with you, teasing you while she throws punches. You hit her in the jaw “haha is that all you got?” She continues playing with you and you eventually land another hit to her stomach, causing her to double over. “Ooh that’s it” She puts more oomph into her moves, making noises as she punches and palm strikes. You hit her in the boob! “Oh! How dare you!” She fakes being shocked and insulted but was still taken a bit off guard with your boldness. She strikes back but you land a low blow to her crotch. “That was a low blow! Ref, low blow!” She hops around as she recovers. “Playing dirty? Two can play that game! Remember my ol’ one two? A karate chop to the neck and a kick to the nuts!” She demonstrates as she yells it out. She taunts you in a friendly way, no hard feelings. “That must have hurt” “It’s getting pretty hot in here…” Kayla strips out of her shirt and shorts, now only in a revealing bikini. “Sorry, I’m just really warm.” “Hey do you remember our other game? I think we should play that now!” She is clearly very excited at the idea of play shuting eachother, using your hands as pretend wepons. “Let me hide!” She runs off to take cover. You and Kayla playfully vs eachother, each time you take her out and she dramatically acts it out before crumpling limp to the floor. She falls a number of ways, stay limp for awhile before hopping back up, laughing, and demanding another match. Some matches she makes “Pew Pew!” noises as she pretends to aim at you. After a while, she comes out and riddles you, claiming her victory, despite having lost every other round. “I knew you’d have fun! We really should do this again sometime.”

Got a new one from Kayla Obey, where we pretend to play with Kayla. I do think it’s a bit funny when vids like this put emphasis on the pretending part, because all the vids are Kayla pretending to do one thing or another, but it doesn’t really change anything for the video itself, except instead of a scene fading to black with Kayla still laid out on the floor, she hops up with a smile and a laugh and runs off for the next scene. Which is fine by me. We still get to see Kayla do a little fisticuffs action in the first half of this one, but she doesn’t get knocked down or knocked out, which is the only part I would have liked to change. Then after she strips off some clothes we get to see come spy vs spy, finger gun action where Kayla does go down and that part was flawless. It is nice to get a vid with Kayla laughing and smiling, so I guess the pretending to pretend aspect does have its benefits and Kayla is super adorable when talking to the camera as well. So a knockdown, or knockout or two would have gone a long way in the first half for me, and the second half was picture perfect Kayla Obey type action. Overall, worth it for the gun down Kayla stuff and also worth it to see Kayla laughing and smiling for a change.

Overall Score: 8.5/10