Review of Phoenix’s Boxing POV

Review of Faith’s Fantasy WorldPhoenix’s Boxing POV

Phoenix Debuts Herself on FFP With a Sexy Boxing POV Where you dominate and destroy her! leaving her drooling and lifeless on the mats! you play with her body and ragdoll her before getting bored and leaving her to crawl away in defeat.

Here is another amazing video I got from Goddess Faith, who plays the pov in this brutal beatdown. And a beatdown is the right thing to call this, for it’s not much of a boxing match, as Phoenix is beaten all over the place without mercy and hit while she is down. Faith even takes her globe off and uses it as a weapon and throws in some bare fisted action too. There’s no final 10 count, which now that I mention it, this actually happens a lot, Faith just leaves Phoenix KO’d in the corner. Phoenix was still pretty new when this video was shot, but it definitely shows how great Phoenix can be. She does a great job being the jobber and performing all the over the top madness I asked of her. It’s not the most over the top thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely one of the most brutal and merciless boxing beatdowns I’ve seen. I tend to like the lawlessness of videos like this, but I know some people like things a little more structured. What do you guys like more? Do you want to see something with no rules where the last one standing is the winner, or something more sophisticated, with rounds and a ten count? Let me know and you may influence my future customs. In the meantime don’t miss out on the stunning Phoenix catching a beatdown she’ll never forget.

Overall Score: 10/10