Review of Peyton vs Becca: Battle for Points

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton vs Becca: Battle for Points – 25.5

Becca, the current champion, meets Peyton for another epic battle. It’s a multi-fall match where the girls need to get 3 points to win. The first point is awarded for a 5 count pin, the second point is awarded for a 10 count knockout, and the third is awarded when the loser admits she quits. The blond champion is an obnoxious diva who thinks her opponent isn’t worth her time. She humiliates Peyton to easily gain the first two points. Poor Peyton is dazed and groggy throughout the beating but manages to catch Becca off guard with a sleeper hold and blackjack attack. The action spills out of the ring at one point as Peyton smashes her foe into the ring post and smacks her in the face with a frying pan. There’s so much groggy, dazed, punch-drunk action with crossed eyes, tongues-out, twitching knockouts that it’s too difficult to list it all here. But in the end, with the score tied, there’s a twist in the action as your humble producer/cameraman gets involved to make sure one of the beauties wins the match. Don’t miss this epic fight between the FWR Superstars!!

I really love that OTT matches like this are become a regular sight at FWR and it’s even better when the best of the best get to put on an incredible show for us. It just never gets better than Peyton vs Becca, especially when they both get a chance to show us their jobbing skills. A script like this would have been amazing not matter who won, but do prefer Becca losing in the end and her playing the cocky champion who gets completely wrecked. I like the point system idea where they have to finish their opponent off in differently ways. It was amazing to see how Peyton was pretty much just a ragdoll for the first half of the video, to the point that she couldn’t be woken up at one point. That was excellent, but I knew that Becca was going to be in for pretty much the same treatment and when that happen I was truly blown away by her performance. I was all set to watch Peyton walk out with Becca’s precious belt, leaving Becca spread eagled and twitching in the ring, but that a twist, that even after being warned about in the description, I didn’t really expect that to happen. It made for an ending that was not only unexpected, but even better than what I had in mind, which is such a rarity for me now a days. So, it should come as no surprise that highly recommend this video. Now, if you hate OTT reaction, you can skip this one, but if you want to see Peyton, Becca and your humble FWR producer raise the bar yet again, be sure to check this one out.

Overall Score: 10/10