Review of Peyton Fails the Test

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Fails the Test – 18.5 mins

We join Peyton in the studio as she works on her homework, taking a break to talk to herself about how cute and smart she is, and how dumb all the other FWR skanks are, including Lo who is listening in! Lo enters and challenges Peyton to a test. She’ll ask questions and if Peyton gets them wrong, Lo gets to beat on her! The cocky brunette agrees and the first question is, “What’s the color of the sun?” – Peyton responds with the correct answer but Lo says, “WRONG!” and pounds on the shocked Peyton until she knocks her out. The remainder of this sweet video is more of the same simple questions followed by a fist-pounding knockout beatdown. Lo is especially mean as she keeps tying up and gagging the little brunette, knocking her out with head lock face punches, putting her out with a chloro rag, squeezing her to dreamland with a tight head scissor, and finally hogties her, ko’s her with a blackjack hit to the head, and writes a bug red “F” on the unconscious girl’s bare belly. You don’t want to miss this one-sided beating!

I know I have said it before, but I love these fisticuff, beatdown poor Peyton videos and this one is definitely one of the best yet. I love that Peyton is always super cocky and confident before the fighting starts. I really love the outfit for the first half of this video and slightly wish that she didn’t change it, even though the jean pants and tee isn’t bad in any way. And I of course love that Peyton’s got shoes on the whole time, as you guys know, I love shoes way more than bare feet. I like that Lo plays a bit of game with Peyton as Lo asks her questions and it doesn’t matter what Peyton says, she’s getting punched in the face, which is just funny. Lo reminds me of Summer a little, which is not a bad thing. I think both Lo and Summer have similar cockiness when playing the heel. Lo hands out a great beatdown too, lots of punches to the face and belly, plenty of KOs, nice spread eagle poses and Peyton is just excellent at selling it all. I even get one OTT KO near the end, with twitching and tongue protrusion. It’s a quick bit of OTT action, but it’s there and I appreciate it. The bondage stuff is nice too, I feel like there’s just the right amount of it and I liked watching Peyton get tied up while she’s out cold. Even though this isn’t a series video title wise, it pretty common to see these kind of videos with Peyton in jeans and sneakers getting the daylights beaten out of her, with this one being the best so far and it is another favorite series I love to see from FWR.

Overall Score: 9.9/10