Review of Peyton Doesn’t Prove Herself … At All

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Doesn’t Prove Herself … At All – 15 mins

This great custom video is a fan’s rendition of what he wanted to see in the on-going “Peyton Proves Herself” series. We join Peyton confidently relaxing on the studio couch as she asks who her opponent will be. She loses it in a fit of laughter when she finds out that it’s Becca and even mimics how “silly” Becca has looked in the previous matches. We inform her that Becca has been studying combat abroad and has taken a vow of silence to prepare to destroy Peyton … only to bring more laughter from the brunette. Cut to the match … and Peyton’s quick entrance into the world of tongues out, eyes crossed, heavy twitching, and constant knock outs. We’d love to give you ALL the specific details but we prefer that you purchase this video if you want to see Peyton completely and utterly destroyed at the hands of her blond nemesis! You’ll LOVE it!

This is something I really hoped to see, I really love the Peyton Proves Herself series, it is without a doubt my favorite FWR series, but it’s such a perfect idea to have the tides turned on Peyton for once. Now, I will say Becca is better at the whole OTT selling thing, she’s had a lot more practice, but Peyton is still really awesome to watch. Her selling really silly, which I’ll get more into in as second, and it is a little bit rare to see Peyton sell like this, at least a lot rarer than Becca. I like that this is still in the same “world” as the other parts of this series, so when Peyton hears she got to face Becca again, she’s so sure she’ll be her again like she’s done before. I do wish this video got the full half hour like Becca’s did, but nonetheless I was still really happy this got created. Peyton’s OTT selling is really silly, especially her twitching, I don’t even know if we can call that twitching, it’s kind of more like wiggling, or flopping around, I don’t know, but it was quite amusing and therefore I loved it. Even our lovely, humble FWR producer made a joke about it in an outtake at the end. The other OTT parts of Peyton’s selling are great, she can really hang her tongue out nicely and her eye rolling/crossing is awesome. I absolutely loved this video and I do hope to see more, more of both sides of this where Peyton loses and when she dominates, both are excellent.   

Overall Score: 10/10