Review of Paid to Break Her

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubPaid to Break Her – 21 mins

Cali hired Saharra to teach Keri a lesson. She wants her to beat her down. Keri reads a note laughing that Cali isn’t going to be the one fighting her today, so she laughs at who could be taking her today. Sahara is bigger and stronger Keri really doesn’t stand a chance but she does try. Keri realizes a short while in that she won’t be winning this fight. Saharra dominates Keri early on and takes full advantage of her own size only because she is getting paid for it. She knows Keri’s fighting habits and she knows that she doesn’t always fight fair. When Keri is down Saharra slaps her awake to begin the humiliation. Foot worship is Keri’s go to humiliation move, maybe its time for her to see what it is like.

Real quick before I get into this review, but whoever wrote this description might have had one or two too many alcoholic beverages before writing the one, good for a laugh, but what? Anyway, that being said, I don’t think you really need a description to know what happens in this vid, Cali hires Saharra to beat up Keri, The Huxster does what she does best, adds a little humiliation in at the end, money well spent, end of story. Of course, I love seeing Keri getting destroyed, I love it when The Huxster is the one doing the destruction, so this was an easily enjoyable clip for me. The beating down what pretty physical, lots of belly punching, some wrestling stuff thrown in there too. Keri is dazed and exhausted most of the time, selling beautifully, like she does. I really could have done with the foot worship stuff, really not my jam, but if was over pretty quickly and I got an awesome KO after that where Keri is out cold with her tongue hanging out, while Saharra poses over her. Also this one needs a point or two for that tiny bikini Keri wore in this. You got to love that. Overall, Cali picked the right person to replace her, as there just nobody that beats people down quite like The Huxster.

Overall Score: 9.5/10