Review of Orias and Luna Limp Dreams

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Review of Limp LadiesOrias and Luna Limp Dreams – 16 mins

Orias and Luna are laying on a bed and dare each other to sip on a mysterious cotton candy tasting drink that takes you to magical dreamworlds.. Orias is first. Her world begins to get heavy and she fall limp. Luna takes advantage of the situation and begins to caress Orias. She strips Orias down to her panties and gropes her body. Orias wakes from her slumber and now it’s Luna’s turn to try the potion. Her vision gets blurry as she falls limp. Orias loves every minute of groping Luna’s sleeping body and even straddles her in a 69 position for some light pussy tapping. Upon Luna’s awakening, Orias says she has another good idea. She takes a sip out of the cup and shares it with Luna in a sensual kiss. They both fall down together on the bed in a sexy pile.

I came across this video just looking for vids with Luna and Orias, as they both plan to be visiting SKW later this month and I may, or may not have some plans for the both of them upon that visit. I don’t know this production, but this vid is good and simple. Both Luna and Orias take turns getting knocked out by this drink, while one of them is out, the other takes advantage of the other, taking her clothes off and feeling them up. Both girls look great and even better once the clothes start coming off. There isn’t too much selling to see from either one, as they kind of just fall over out cold, even though I know they both can sell great and there isn’t too much to say about the camera work, but it’s not bad at all. The action is sexy and the ending is pretty good. I not huge into the whole kissing thing, but I liked it as an idea to share the last sip of the drink, putting them both out for the night. Even though the whole point of me buying this vid was to hype myself up for their upcoming visit to SKW, I’m happy I got this vid and maybe I’ll look to see who else has worked for this production.

Overall Score: 8.5/10