Review of One-Sided Match

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Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasOne-Sided Match – 15 mins

When Constance & Tracy Jordan get together, we all know there will either be wrestling, superheroine or limp fetish shot. So welcome to another wrestling clip with these two. Both are dressed in very sexy and shiny thong leotards with pantyhose and boots. We start out with Constance warming up, ready to face her opponent. She didn’t realize that it was going to be Tracy. Once she saw it was her. She was ready to rumble. As Tracy started to talk, Constance immediately threw a punch, that caused Tracy to dbl over. Then from there the rest is history for Tracy. Constance dominated her with numerous wrestling holds, pins, punches, upper cuts, low blows and so much more.

Tracy Jordan is one of those girls that I feel like I have been quietly loving for years. I have seen her sell lovely beatdown all over the place, but I don’t feel like I review too many of those videos, for some reason. So here’s are really fun one sided one where I get to see more of Tracy’s lovely selling as she gets squashed by Constance. I love that both Constance and Tracy where sexy one piece suits and converse boots, that makes the beatdown just that much better for me. The moves used in this video where pretty submission holds and some strikes and they looked good. Tracy’s selling though is that main attractions as her eyes always tell her story and every time Constance puts the squeeze on her, Tracy’s eyes go wide and start to roll and cross, always great see it happen. In the end I do get a KO which is kind of a make or break for me. It’s a nice head scissors KO and Constance just leaves Tracy there laid out on the mats for all to see.

Overall Score: 8.5/10