Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldONE ROUND WITH LAYNIE LUCK – 5 mins

In this short but INTENSE clip, a POV opponent enters the mat room for a kickboxing match vs the beautiful Laynie Luck!   She smiles, telling you how hard she’s been training for this fight, but within seconds it’s obvious that said training just wasn’t enough!  After missing some punches and kicks, the POV fighter unleashes a barrage of face jabs that leave Laynie reeling, her eyes wide…and eventually glazed over by multiple jabs!  After a few kicks to the jaw you work over the lovely blonde’s abs, followed by more shots to the face!  Laynie stands there, bow-legged and unable to lift her arms as the POV fighter sends a final kick to her face that knocks her into a matchbook KO position.  Adding insult to injury, POV guy wakes her up with a belly blow and a final jab to the jaw that leaves Laynie completely out cold on her back as he counts her out and goes for a devastating victory pose!!!

It’s not often that we get SKW clips this short, but that doesn’t change the quality of the content it offers. Simply put, if you like SIX ROUNDS WITH CALI LOGAN, then you’ll love ONE ROUND WITH LAYNIE LUCK. You see what he did there? This was my first time seeing Laynie in action and she quickly impressed me and left me wanting more. It’s not too often that we get pros down at SKW who get the fetish aspect and run with it right away, but in just 5 minutes Laynie made it clear she gets it and gets it good. I know that Laynie got to shoot a good handful of video on her first SKW visit and this little sample has me looking forward to the rest.

Overall score: 9.5/10