Review of Oldest Trick in the book

Review of DefeatedOldest Trick in the book – 20 mins

Venere is on the mats getting ready for her match, when Bianca walks in with two cups of water. Bianca acts all nice, offering Venere some water before their match. Venere knows she can’t trust Bianca, but for some reason or another, although she is quite skeptical, drinks the water anyway. Of course this was a mistake and right away, Venere knows it and Bianca’s face she’s it, but it’s too late now. The tainted drink quickly starts to take its toll and Venere starts getting woozy. Bianca wastes no more time and begins her beat down on the weakened Venere. Bianca goes on to completely dominate and humiliate Venere with submission hold and various chokes that repeatedly KO Venere that soon causes her to twitch and drool throughout this destruction. Along the way, Bianca admits that this beating is all a part of her April Fool’s Day prank. We’re sure Venere will understand her humor after she wakes up from this one. In the end, Bianca stands tall and proud having got a free victory by getting Venere to fall for the oldest trick in the book.

Back with more defeated action for you guys and this time we have another great squash match with Bianca literally using the oldest trick in the book to dominate Venere, by drugging her drink. I, of course love any tactic used to render someone completely helpless, so this works great for me. Venere turns out to be an excellent jobber too. I don’t remember if we’ve seen her lose yet, but she was wonderful here. I love that Venere goes completely out cold at times, becoming a ragdoll for Bianca, giving us great OTT reactions while she was out. We get some KOs and wake ups too during this video, but thanks to the tainted drink, Venere was never really all there. Bianca clearly has so much fun getting to play the heel. She talks plenty of trash and has a big smile on her face pretty much the entire video. I know times are tough and getting new videos is hard, but I certainly can’t wait to see much more from a lot of the recently introduced Defeated members.

Overall Score: 9.9/10