Review of Office Peril Complete Compilation

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Review of Kayla Obey Office Peril Complete Compilation – 23 mins

(This video consists of Office Peril 1, 2, and 3. The content is the same. If you have purchased all three and would like this complete version, please email me.) A ghost haunts the place and terrorizes Kayla while she works. The ghost feeds her to his pet in the closet, she struggles as she is pulled in, legs kicking and squirming to get free. Her body spasms and twitches. She’s grabbed pulled backwards off the couch, with a quick twist she is out. Her body is limp checked, arms and legs lifted. Minding her own business once again, she is pulled into a vice grip while she struggles to get up, then she is pulled back over the arm of the couch and finished in a backbreak. Her limp head is lifted up like a trophy. Kayla is tossed to the ground and mounted. She kicks and bucks, trying to throw the ghost off her. She struggles while pinned to the floor, as she is continually punched in the face. She is put into a matchbook pin, where she is punched a few more times before being pushed onto her side. One final hit and she is out. Her head is lifted for a limp check. A ghost slams Kayla against the wall, she fights to break free. The ghost grabs her around the throat and squeezes and she squirms and gasps. Her eyes roll until she finally succumbs, sliding limp to the ground…her head is picked up for one quick twist and it’s lights out for poor Kayla. She is grabbed in a vice grip and heart punched. She writhes and twitches on the ground. One more heart punch and she’s held in a single and double leg pin. Attacked by a mandible claw, Kayla gags and gasps for air. She convulses and drools. Her body is limp checked.

The timing of this complete addition is funny as I actually bought each of these videos separately and was preparing a review with all 3 together suggesting that you should just buy all three, because they are easily joinable into one video, then Kayla does just that, giving us the option to buy all three together, just as I was going to suggest. Anyway, on with the review. One of the things love most about this video is that there is an increase of twitching as the video goes on. Kayla starts out twitching gently which gradually increases a bit through parts one and two and then makes a big jump in part 3, where she starts twitching like it’s a custom for me, even drooling during the final series, but going completely still on the final KO. As great as it is to have Kayla twitching on these KOs, I still wish she did a little twitching for the last scene. I always want more, even when I get a lot of what I want. I also loved that there were a few pins mixed into this and she even twitched during those pins too, which is something I don’t really seen unless I specifically ask for it, so that was a really nice detail for me. Kayla’s struggling was another high point, as she is surprised attacked by this ghost and really sells the struggle before falling victim to the invisible beast. And of course, all these outfits are super sexy, with my favorites being the very first grey dress, and the all black one with the torn pantyhose. Something about torn pantyhose in this situation really stuck with me. Also, there’s some really great up skirt shots and I personally love that she has these little shoes on, even though not a favorite footwear option, still better than bare feet, in my opinion. Overall, I love each and every one of these scenes, but the ones that take place in part 3 are my absolutely favorites because they are the most over the top.

Overall Score: 9.5/10