Review of New Jobber in town

Review of DefeatedNew Jobber in town – 21 mins

We’re getting a jobber showdown today, as the newcomer Carpi, who has already made a name for herself by getting her ass kicked several times, is pitted against fan favorite, Amirah, who more often than not gets her butt kicked as well. Both ladies are unsurprisingly confident as the fight begins. Amirah is the first one on the attack, but definitely doesn’t keep control long, both girls are looking to disprove their jobber girl reputations and Capri manages to fight back. The battle wages on and soon it is Capri who comes up with the first KO and first point. They reset, remove their tops and ready for the next round, Amirah seemingly upset by the first round loss comes out like a house on fire, quickly taking control and quickly putting Capri down and out, despite her best efforts. Amirah rages on, taking the next round with ease and the round after that. Now it seems what was supposed to be a highly contested matchup is turning into a one-sided domination, as Carpi is now fully at the mercy of Amirah, who strips Capri of her tiny thong, leaving her naked and proceeds to dominate and humiliate the newcomer with no problems whatsoever. After a few more easy KOs Amirah finally puts a bow on this one with a proud victory pose over her defeated opponent.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time the title really tells the tale. A new jobber is definitely in town as the newcomer Capri gets pretty much dominated by Amirah. Amirah should be the jobber of every match she’s in, because she’s that good and that pretty, but there seems to be a new jobber in town. Even though Capri gets an early KO, she gets crushed for the rest of the match as Amirah dominates and humiliates Capri. Capri gets KO’d several times, gets folded into some really humiliating positions and Amirah poses proudly over her defeated body in the end. As much as I love Amirah as the jobber, I do think Capri is really good too. She sells great and looks even better, completely KO’d. I think the only real option is to have them both be defeated at the hands of someone else, because they are both too good at losing to be winning. As much as I am a fan of all sorts of outfits, I do love that both ladies end up completely naked in this match. I find it really hard to complain about that. Anyway, let’s hope both Amirah and Capri lose all their matches in the future.

Overall Score: 9.5/10