Review of Nelly Gets Bested by Veronica

Review of DefeatedNelly Gets Bested by Veronica – 20.5 mins

We have two new fighters here at Defeated, so we put them in a match against each other, but first we give them both a chance to talk to the camera and show you guys how confident they both are. The both talk a good game, but then the time for talking is over and the action really begins. Nelly uses her size and strength to take charge of the match early on. She is able to keep Veronica under control, although Veronica struggles quite vigorously until a sleeper hold finally drains the life out of her. Nelly gets a 10 count pin and proceeds for pose proudly over Veronica, turning her back on her foe. Of course this is a huge mistake as Veronica springs back live and begins her retribution beatdown. Nelly is unable to stop the onslaught and soon enough it’s Nelly’s turn to take a nap. Veronica now gets her 10 count pin fall and claims victory over Nelly. One day these ladies will learn to never turn their backs on an sleeping opponent.

Got more Defeated action for you guys and this time we get both new comers Nelly and Veronica going at it. The match isn’t too fancy or does anything new. It is that staple set up from Defeated that let’s one girl win first and then the other girl later on. Even though this kind of match up doesn’t give us much story, it does let us see how both ladies perform on both sides of the match and with both ladies being new, this is a useful thing. Right away I have to give the star of this show to Nelly. She does really good playing the heel and talking some trash but also does pretty well playing the jobber. I would have liked to get a better look at her face for the KO at the end, but it did look like she did some nice eye rolling too. Veronica didn’t do bad, Nelly was just doing better, but again being a new talent leaves room for improvement and I can see there is potential in Veronica. It will be interesting to see what kind of roles they both get from here. I would just say don’t lock Nelly in as a heel, she’s got some good jobber in here.

Overall Score: 8.5/10