Review of Nap Time for Violet

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsNap Time for Violet – 18 mins

Violet had a busy day so she lays down to take a nap and ends up having the weirdest set of dreams that involve several creative custom written scenes culminating in heavy eye crossing, huge tongue-out reactions, and intense twitching. In her first dream she’s dressed in a schoolgirl in the ring where she’s punched out and also given a speedbag facial by an invisible foe to a ko. We bounce back into reality and find her waking up in the bedroom only to faint again. The next scene has the blond beauty dressed in a sexy tight fitting dress in the dressing room where she’s attacked again by the invisible man to end up in several unusual and odd knockout poses (with twitching). We move back to reality where Violet wakes up, drinks some spiked water, and faints again. We could go on and on but you’ll get a better idea of how Violet’s knockout dream journey plays out by purchasing this amazing video!

This video just shows off how great of an OTT performer Violet can be, just in case you weren’t convinced by one of her earlier performances. Violet really is just perfect for these kind of scripts, she has the eyes, the tongue and the unique twitching to be one of the best jobbers around. The only thing I think isn’t perfect about her at this point is I can see her pause at times to think of the next thing she had to do, which I think will go away as she continues to improve. That being said, this video was awesome. I love her reactions, I love the storyline with the different dreams and some effects from those dreams leading back to reality, leading to the point where our humble FWR producer find poor Violet KO’d on his kitchen table. And I also love the different outfits, with the sexy dress and high heels being my favorite. And I love all the spread eagle KOs, which of course work perfectly with the OTT reactions. I really hope we get to see so much more Violet videos with her selling like this. I think she has the potential to quickly turn into a fan favorite.

Overall Score: 9.9/10