Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMY PET JOBBER – 20 mins

Newcomer Kat has come to SKW looking for a challenge, but after having reviewed the matches on the site seems to think that none of the SKW roster are quite good enough for her.  Wearing a shiny black halter and thong combination, the bombastic blonde runs her mouth as Monroe arrives behind her, wearing a tiny yellow bikini.  Monroe isn’t going to take this lying down and gets right into Kat’s face, demanding to accept her challenge.  Kat accepts by way of a swift boot to Monroe’s exposed belly, doubling the diminutive brunette over, gasping before wrapping her into a Sleeper Hold. Monroe’s eyes bulge as her tongue rolls, struggling, but Kat cinches in, riding Monroe down to the mat as her eyes flutter and her legs spasm.  Finally, Monroe goes still, moaning, but Kat isn’t done with her by a long shot.  Slapping her face to try and rouse her, Kat climbs over Monroe’s prone body, wrapping her thighs around her neck, applying an inverted Head Scissors.  Monroe’s eyes bulge open as she struggles, gasping between Kat’s luscious cheeks as her tongue flops, face going red.  Kat hooks her ankle to apply even more pressure, while Monroe can only twitch and spasm, struggling uselessly under her.  At long last she fades, her eyes rolling back into her head as she goes limp and still. Nothing a little face-slapping can’t fix, as Kat bring Monroe around again, yanking her by the hair into a seated position before smothering her mouth and nose with her hands.  Monroe’s eyes fly open as she thrashes for breath, whimpering into Kat’s fingers.  Weakening, she can’t pry Kat’s hands off of her mouth, her strength fading as her eyes begin to roll back again, fading away against Kat’s body.  At last she goes limp, while Kat toys with her, violently flopping her around mockingly.  Another handful of hair brings Monroe back, yowling in pain as she’s yanked to her feet only for Kat to pull her into a crushing Bear Hug. Monroe screams and struggles, held in the air as Kat tightens her grip more and more.  Monroe’s arms flop and swing as she passes out, dangling helplessly in the air.  When she’s completely limp, Kat throws her to the mat, climbing over her to pull the vulnerable veteran into an excruciating Camel Clutch.  Monroe struggles uselessly, but Kat adds a Sleeper Hold to the mix, doubling Monroe’s pain until the convulsing combatant’s bulging eyes finally close from the pain.  Again and again, Monroe finds herself being nothing more than Kat’s plaything as she suffers Belly Punches, Knee Lifts, Belly Clawing, Running Knee Lifts and Pile Drivers before being carried off for a little make-over, her body dangling over Kat’s shoulder.  But if she thought it was over, she’s sadly mistaken.  Dumped back onto the mat and wearing an even skimpier pink thong bikini, Kat has more humiliation planned!

I’m telling you guys, if you haven’t jumped on the Monroe jobber train yet, you guy are severely missing out. Monroe started out with great selling potential and has only improved since then and lately it seems like she’s kicking things into a new gear as this video and her last few videos have shown a new level of intensity with her selling and acting. This is one of my favorite ways for someone to catch a beatdown, as her mouth gets her into big trouble when she walks in on Kat Van Wilder complaining that there’s no competition at SKW good enough for her. Monroe just wanted to prove her right as Kat mops the floor with Monroe. I love that Kat changes Monroe’s bikini and hair to make her look more jobber like and she nails it too with the sexy hot pink thong bikini and pigtails. Again, I am super impressed with Monroe’s performance here and this isn’t even an OTT video, although you do get a good amount of tongue protrusion from Monroe with her natural selling and a little twitching from a piledriver or two. Kat Van Wilder isn’t to be over looked in this video, even though this is Monroe’s show. Kat is quickly proving to be one hell of a find for SKW, doing some really good selling in her first video and here she’s the perfect cocky heel, giving us great trash talk as she beats down Monroe. Also, she’s strong enough to perform piledrivers on Monroe, so that’s also a plus for Kat. So really, we have to keep a close eye on both Monroe and Kat, as I do believe they both will be putting out some more stunning performances in the near future.

Overall Score: 9.9/10