Review of Monroe’s Boxing POV

Review of Faith’s Fetish ProductionsMonroe’s Boxing POV – 19 mins

Monroe debuts herself to the site with this super sexy boxing POV, with over the top selling, drool, twitches, eyerolls, & more! Will Monroe successfully avenge her friend Mia X Hope?….or are you going to leave her a drooling wet sleepy mess like you did to Mia in her POV? Find out by watching this sexy, intense boxing POV.

Another one bites the dust! My hopefully endless rampage of beautiful POV boxing beatdowns continues with this amazing custom, starring Monroe, who’s defeated by the merciless Goddess Faith. I have been looking to get Monroe in one of my customs for some time now. This may be the first, but it won’t be the last time Monroe goes down for the count. I love this video so much. First, this tiny bikini looks outstanding on Monroe (and soon you’ll see it looks pretty freaking good on Faith too). Next Monroe sells her ass off, just as you would expect. She’s such a great baby face jobber, it’s like she was made for this. I love her OTT reactions and her struggle to stay in this fight, that she never had a chance in. And of course I got to hand it to Faith for dishing out the punishment. For someone who hasn’t done too many POV videos from behind the camera, Faith is really good at this and continues to improve! There will be more POV boxing videos coming from both Monroe and the hands of Goddess Faith, but maybe not what you’re thinking. Until then don’t miss out on yet another awesome boxing video!

Overall Score: 10/10